Why we need the Spirit of Faith at work in us – Bishop David Oyedepo

Celebration Night

The end time according to Bible prophecy is two-sided; it is ordained to be gloomy on one side and glorious on the other side.

You need an endowment of the spirit of faith to be free from the spirit of fear.

Jesus has His agents scattered all over the world with the weapons required to stop the devil from tormenting mankind.

No generation can render God’s word invalid. – Jer. 33:20-21

Faith carries the same potency from one generation to another.

When your faith fails, you become a victim in battles.

No one ever overcomes the battles of life with fear.

When fear is destroyed, your victory will be restored.

Scriptural Orders of Faith

  • The never give up faith.
  • The faith that waxes valiant in battle.
  • The Abrahamic order of faith.
  • The Daniel order of faith.
  • The Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego order of faith.
  • The “I can do all things” order of faith.

Demarcation from plagues is an exclusive reserve for those who serve God and the interests of His kingdom.

God is committed to those who are committed to the advancement of His kingdom.

Scriptural Examples of Demarcation from Plagues

  1. The plague of the swarm of flies: connotes stench and decadence – Ex. 8:23-24
  2. The death of cattle: implies the death of business and careers – Ex. 9:3-4
  3. The plague of tribulations, devastations and distress – Ex. 9:23-26
  4. The plague of death – Ex. 12:29-30

It takes your commitment and dedication in serving God to remain exempted.





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