Grace is behind the making of every believer including every ministry and minister
Everything about us as individual believers is rooted in grace
We are all evidences of the grace of God at work
We have our root in grace and we can only have our growth in grace (Prov. 4:18)
We scale new heights only as we grow in grace (Ps. 84:11)
Growing in grace is a covenant requirement for going from glory to glory
We must keep acknowledging His grace so that we don’t suffer grace failure
Growing in grace suggests that grace is in levels

  1. We are saved by grace (Eph. 2:8-9; Tit. 2:11)
  2. Grace multiplies by knowledge (2Pet. 1:2; 2Pet. 3:18)
    Grace multiplies by increased revelation of the Word (2Pet. 1:2; 2Pet. 3:18)
  3. Great grace flows through the anointing (Acts 4:29-33)
  4. Exceeding great grace comes through strong faith (Trust)
    Exceeding great grace answers to strong faith (2Cor. 9:14)
  5. All round grace – a raw manifestation of grace on all sides
    All round grace comes from unreserved and unconditional love for God
    God’s presence allays fear and every defeat is traceable to fear


  1. Be committed to engaging the fear of God as a lifestyle (2Pet 3:17-18; Rom. 6:1-4; 1Thess. 2:10)
    Grace cannot grow with sin
    We cannot fulfil our destiny in Christ without grace
    Be committed to walking in the newness of life to grow in grace
  2. . Be committed to a life of continuous yearning or increase in the Word (2Pet. 1:3; Dan. 11:32; Acts 20:32; 1Tim. 5:17; 2Tim. 2:15)
  3. Be committed to a lifestyle of meekness (Num. 12:3; Ex. 11:3; Ps. 25:9; 1Pet. 5:6)
    It takes meekness to keep learning
    It takes a lot of meekness to keep learning
    The meeker a believer the greater his access to grace
  4. Be committed to building your faith (Eph. 2:8; Rom. 10:17)
    Faith is in levels – little faith, great faith, very great faith, and exceeding great faith
    We must read until we understand
  5. Be committed to a lifestyle of prayers (Heb. 4:16)
  6. Be committed to a tireless and fruitful stewardship lifestyle (1Cor. 15:10; Ex. 23:25-26; 2Chron. 16:9Prov. 11:30; 3:35)
    Engage your strength in serving the interest of God in the earth
  7. Be committed in growing your love for God (Rom. 8:35; 28; Eph. 3:17-19; Matt. 6:33; Matt. 22:37)
    As we grow in love we begin to increase our Divine content until we are filled with the goodness of God
    There is no great man in the Kingdom, it is the backing of a great God that makes an ordinary man seem great
    Grace is the maker of all men in the Kingdom
  8. Be committed to a lifestyle of delightsome obedience to every instruction (John 5:30; Ps. 112:1-End)
    Grace grows with obedience
    Grace answers to obedience
    With God it is one instruction after another; when you stop obeying, He stops instructing you.
    Delightsome obedience of instructions is key to higher dimensions of grace
  9. Be committed to maintaining a good conscience at all times (1Tim. 1:19; 2Cor. 1:12; 4:1-2; Acts 24:16)
    Anyone without a good conscience is headed for a crash
  10. Be committed to a lifestyle of giving (2Cor. 8:1-4,7; 2Cor. 9:6-8)
    Giving is behind the lifestyle of abundance
    When you give cheerfully and excitedly you are provoking the grace for supernatural abundance
    God’s prosperity plan is not a promise so it does not answer to prayer or fasting, it is a covenant
    so until you do your part, God will not do His part
  11. Be committed to a lifestyle of joy and rejoicing to keep the grace flowing (Deut. 28:47-48; Joel 1:12; Phil. 4:4)
    Where our joy ends is where our harvest is lost
  12. Every change of level in our walk with God must be promptly acknowledged to avoid a crash (Jer. 13:15-17; Mal. 2:2-3; Ps. 28:5)
    Giving is behind the lifestyle of abundance
    The grace of God is transferable and it is usually transferred from a higher source (Heb. 7:7; Phil. 1:7; Rom. 1:11)
    There is no finish line in the school of wisdom; you just keep growing in it
    You always get more than your source when you get truly connected;
    You don’t have a spare life so don’t let the one you have get wasted
    Maintain good will as a way of life

Father, tonight, we apply for exceeding abundant grace on this mountain, in Jesus’ Name (1Cor. 15:10).

Father, tonight, we apply for Your feelable, palpable presence in our midst like never before, in Jesus’ Name (Acts 10:38).

Father, I ask that You turn my expectation into manifestation on this mountain tonight, in Jesus’ Name.


  • No one will suffer grace failure again!
  • Great grace will keep getting greater and greater all the days of your life!
  • Today shall mark the beginning of a new level of grace in your life!
  • The grace of God will keep growing in your life
  • All friends and lovers of this ministry from all across the world, you will never return the same
  • New things will begin to happen in your life and ministry
  • Whatever grace you saw on this ground will follow you home!
  • Your great God, in the Person of Jesus Christ Who lives in you, will continue to change your level!
  • Every child of God here is declared blessed!
  • It shall be the dawning of a new day for all of us!

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