Kingdom Parenting by Myles Munroe and David Burrows (Book Review)

Ten (10) lessons from Kingdom Parenting, a powerful book written by Myles Munroe and David Burrows.

1. As with everything else in life, effective parenting begins with God

2. Parenting is powerful because it shapes the minds, attitudes, and actions of our children for either good or bad.

3. No one parents effectively by accident. Effective parenting must be intentional; it must be planned, focused, and have an expected end in mind. Good parents don’t leave the job to chance; they do everything they can to prepare themselves and to know what they are doing.

4.The proof of good parenting is seen in how our children behave in our absence;If they do the right thing for their conscience’s sake, even when we are not around, we have succeeded as parents. We have raised righteous children.

5. Know the way and show the way. That is the surest way to bring up godly offspring.

6. God never intended children to raise themselves. That’s what parents are for; to love, nurture, care for, and train children to become mature, happy, successful, productive, and well-adjusted adults.

7. Children are not merely pint-sized adults, and it is wrong to treat them as such. They need patient guidance, careful instruction, consistent discipline, and clearly defined boundaries.

8. Training benefits both parent and child. Children benefit from training because it prepares them for life. Parents benefits because well-trained children return to bless, honor, and respect them.

9. Relax! Lighten up! Have fun with your kids! Sit down with them and talk about life. Find out how they’re doing and get their perspective on things. Every day you spend with your kids you are creating memories, so what kind of memories do you want them to have?

10. There certainly is a role and purpose for the rod of correction, but don’t overdo it

Other issues discussed in details in the book are; benefits that accrue to children who honor and obey their parents, guidelines in helping parents exercise effective control of their children so training can take place, principles or guidelines to help ensure that discipline applied is appropriate and effective.

Above all, this book teaches that; parents must take the time to invest in their family’s future. It is a must read for every parent, intending parent, and even unmarried adults. Click here, to buy a copy of this wonderful book and be blessed as you read.

Have a wonderful day, and God bless you!


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