MESSAGE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding what it takes to maximise seasons of visitation


  1. The perception of need (Gen. 32:24-28; 1Chron. 4:9-10)
    Perception affects possession
    God does not respond to religion, God responds to passion.
    The worst thing that can happen to anybody is to have a need and not be aware
    Answers only happen for questions; solutions only happen for problems
  2. Sensitivity to Divine timing (Eccl. 3:1; Acts 2:1; Luke 19:41-44)
    God is a God of purpose, but also a purpose of season
    It is the marriage of purpose and season that gives birth to destiny
    Wherever there is drastic physical need, it creates drastic hunger for God
  3. Positioning at the right location (Gen. 28:10-12; 35:1; Ex. 3:1-2; Acts 2:1; Ps. 133:1-3)
    Divine visitations are location-sensitive
    God can work anywhere but there are things that God does in certain places at concentrated measures
    Positioning at the right location is critical for Divine visitations
    There is a place where blessings, visitations and encounters are mandated (Ps. 133:3)
    It is possible for people to have encounters where they find themselves on their own, but the number of encounters is more concentrated in specific locations
  4. Desperate desire (2Kings 2:8-12; Gen. 32:24-28; 2Kings 2:12-13)
    God does not give encounters to the casual, encounters belong to the desperate
    If your life must end glorious, you must begin serious
    Desperation is key to Divine visitation; desperation is a magnet of mantle
    If your desire is desperate, even the carrier of the mantle is helpless, in case he does not want to willingly release it
    God will not bother you with what does not bother you
  5. Unbroken focus (2Kings 2:10; Acts 2:1)
    Focus is key to fire and key to impact
    When you are focused you may appear anti-social, proud, or arrogant
    There are times you put off your phone by focus
  6. Definite expectation (Gen. 32:24-28; Mark 10:50-51; 2Kings 2:9-10)
    You must be decisive and definite to experience Divine visitation
    It is only what you describe that God will deliver
    You cannot discover it if you cannot describe it
  7. Passionate praying (1Sam. 1:10-13; Gen. 32:24-28; Acts 1:14; 2:1-4)

Father, thank You for Your Word to us tonight. To You be all the glory Lord in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I perceive my need for Your visitation and I know this is the season for Divine visitation. Thank You Lord because I am positioned at the right location for a visitation. I receive the grace for unbroken focus. Father, my expectation is definite and my life must change. Father, I pray for a change of story, in Jesus’ Name.


  • Every demonic agent planted around your life to monitor, manipulate and hinder you, today, they are exposed and expelled!
  • Everything the devil is trying to do in your life and destiny to undermine the purpose of God in your life is reversed!
  • Every smell of shame and reproach upon your life, today, it is rolled back to hell!
  • You will not die before your time!
  • You shall fulfil your days!
  • If it will crash you will not be in it and if you are in it, it will not crash
  • A new season is upon your life!
  • Something will happen to you on this ground before this conference is over!
  • Whatever has fought your ministry, destiny and assignment, today, they expire!
  • The altars of your father’s house holding you back are set on fire!
  • Every demonic torment in your life returns back to hell!
  • Everything negative that followed you from childhood, today, it is gone!
  • Any cage/prison where the devil kept you, in the Name that is above every other name, you are out!

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