7 Steps To Earn Passive Income in 2023 – Bighills


  • Bighills is a master trader at Metafutures, and his trading bot is currently at No. 1 spot
  1. Download Metafures πŸ‘‡πŸΏ
  2. https://metafuture.trade//app.aspx

Input Invitation Code: qohsev

  1. Activate your Metafutures account with $150, and a gas fee from $20 above.
  2. Get a broker [Binance, Exness].
  3. Bind API, and connect Metafutures to Broker.
  4. Fund your broker [Binance] with a minimum of $250.
  5. Copy Bighills Bank on Metafutures, and earn passive income daily, and monthly.


  1. Your funds are in your control.
  2. Futures and Forex trades are risky, but Bighills mitigates those risks via advanced strategies and trading skills

Contact Bighills Via Telegram πŸ‘‡πŸΏ


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