Grace is the gift of God to humanity with infinite love, favour, mercy and unreserved good-will that breaks all natural laws.Grace is the fullness of God’s help, it is the supernatural force the leads to sweat-less success.

Grace for Supernatural Speed means divine empowerment of the Holy Spirit that makes one succeed beyond natural laws.

The grace of God is what makes a man great – 1 Corinthians 15:4.Whenever you doubt God’s word, you will be damned.


1. God factor.
Human effort is limited but the grace of God surpasses all natural laws.
The grace of God on your life will bring about your speedy transformation.
The grace of God becomes manifest when you acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit.

2. Prayer and Fasting.

Prayer and Fasting trigger the release of God’s grace.
Prayer moves the hand of God for speed.
When you pray, remind God of His promises over your life for you to gain speedy results.
Struggles end via prayer and fasting.



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