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By: Dr. Paul Enenche

It is said that we are called to fight but we are destined to win (2Cor. 10:3-6; Eph. 6:10-17; 2Cor. 2:14)

1. Being born again (1John 4:4)
By being born of God you are born an overcomer, not an undergoer
‘Who born you’ determines what you can survive; who gave birth to you determines what you can overcome

2. The Blood of Jesus (Rev. 12:11; Zech. 9:11)
The Blood of Jesus is our winning card

3. The abiding Word (1John 2:13-14; Ps. 119:130; John 1:5)
a. The Abiding Word is the secret of strength – spiritual strength is a function of the Word that you carry inside
Don’t play church or play pranks, settle down and eat Word
The reason why our strength is not the same is because our eating is not the same
There is no enemy so wicked that cannot be overcome by Word
Eating of Word includes listening to messages that fire your spirit
b. The Word you use to overcome the devil is resident Word (1John 2:14)
It is the Word that entered that brings light and bows darkness (Ps. 119:130; John 1:5)

4. The force of faith (1John 5:4)
Faith is our victory and faith comes from the revelation of the Word and the revelation of the Word produces the conviction by the Word and the conviction by the Word produces declarations from the Word which produce corresponding actions in the Word and those corresponding actions will produce necessary manifestations! All by the Word!
Faith is a force that no devil can dare
Faith is fed by Rhema; the more light you see from the Word the more buoyant your faith becomes.

5. The power of testimonies – both your testimonies and those of others (Rev. 12:11; Ps. 92:4-5; 1Sam. 17:34-37)
Testimonies are missiles against the works of the enemy

Father, thank You for the successful commencement of the Release, Recovery and Replication Fast. Thank You for multiplied testimonies coming in already. To You be all the glory, Lord in Jesus’ Name – Psalm 92:1-2.

Father, thank You for the gift of salvation; thank You for the privilege of relationship with You; thank You for the Blood of Jesus that gives us access to Your Presence. To You alone be all the Glory Lord in Jesus’ Name – 1John 4:4.

Father, I demand the release of my life, family, the Body of Christ and our Nation from every form of enemy captivity in this season of release, Lord in Jesus’ Name. I declare that I owe the devil nothing Lord in Jesus’ Name. By the Blood of Jesus, I decree my release in Jesus’ Name – Zech. 9:11.

Father, I demand the release of my life, family, every member of the Body of Christ and our Nation from every enemy trap and snare. I declare every trap and snare of the enemy around my life and destiny broken by the authority of God in Jesus’ Name – Ps. 124:1-End.

Father, I decree my release from every unbroken hidden covenant working against my life, destiny, family, against every member of the church and our Nation. You demonic covenant are declared null and void today by the Blood of Jesus, in Jesus’ Name – Rev. 12:11.

Father, I decree my release from every spoken or declared curse against my life, destiny, family, the Body of Christ and our Nation – You curse of negative utterance are declared nullified today in Jesus’ Name – Lam. 3:37; Isaiah 54:17.

Father, I decree my release from every handwriting of ordinance that is contrary to my life, destiny, family and Nation – you are blotted out by the Blood of Jesus, and rendered null and void against my life, destiny, family and Nation, in Jesus’ Name – Col. 2:13, 14.

Father, verify Your Word in my life. Tonight my testimonies must come forth. I am released from … (name any captivity you are aware of), in Jesus’ Name!

Father, thank You for answered prayer. To You be all the praise Lord in Jesus’ Name – Ps. 65:2.

– Communion of release from every agenda of hell

– I don’t know the current battle around your life but victory is hereby confirmed
– The last card of God which is the Blood of Jesus will provoke your release tonight and establish your victory and that of your family tonight!
– That stubborn devil, in this season of the fast must let you go and let your family go by the power of the Blood of Jesus!
– In the covens of witchcraft and in the kingdoms of darkness where there has been a plot against your life and destiny, tonight, by the tokens of the Blood, judgment shall appear there and your victory shall be announced, in Jesus’ Name!
– I stand by the apostolic and prophetic mantle upon my life to decree and declare, tonight, is your night of release in Jesus’ Name!
– That Word that shall enter and give you victory, you shall locate it!
– Every calabash where they have kept you and kept your loved ones, it is broken now!
– Everything belonging to you that has been tied down is released!
– Everyone that has been tied by the enemy is released now!
– As you go home tonight, you will still meet your own testimony. You shall have an overnight encounter that will cancel every enemy agenda!
– Anywhere they tied your destiny, whatever they tied it to is set on fire and your life and destiny is released!
– That ‘Yes’ that you are trusting God for is hereby released!
– This year, this season, even this time of this fast, it will be clear to those who know you that God is not wasting your time, that God is not a user of people, that God is faithful, that there is a God in Heaven!
– Your expectations are now turned into your manifestations!

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