Word’s From Father’s – Pst. Poju Oyemade

Never take people for granted, show deep appreciation to those who have helped you. Be firm with discretion not to create an entitlement mindset in them but don’t be an ingrate. If you use and dump those who helped you along the way, they will work with those who hate you. Don’t out of ignorance…… Continue reading Word’s From Father’s – Pst. Poju Oyemade

Today’s Prayer- 1 Kings 5:4

6/05/2023 Good morning Brethren Today’s Prayer is taken from the book of 1 Kings 5:4 Prayer – 1. Father give me rest on every side, in Jesus name, amen 🙏. 2. Let the fear of the Lord come upon my adversaries, and let them flee away from me, in Jesus name, amen 🙏. 3. I…… Continue reading Today’s Prayer- 1 Kings 5:4