Thursday 29 September 2022

(Psalms 92:12) The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree, he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

Righteousness is the ability to live right with God. It is the ability to stand before God without any form of inferiority complex. Righteousness is the quality of state of being righteous. It connotes holiness, purity, uprightness and rectitude. It is the ability to live right with God. It is the act or conduct of one who is righteous. Righteousness is the state of being right with God. It has to do with comprehending holy principles and affections of hearts, and conformity of life to the divine law. Anywhere you see people entering into new dimension, righteousness was in place.

New Dimension is impossible and a mirage without righteousness. There is a connection between righteousness and new dimension. No matter the drought, the righteous will always flourish. Righteousness is the shortest and surest way to new dimension in Christ Jesus. It is an asset to your future. It affects your accomplishment in life. Righteousness develop voice that will protect your new dimensions and blessings. Whenever voices rise up against a man that is righteous, righteousness speaks on your behalf. It was impossible for Balaam to curse Israel because Israel had been adjudged righteous by God (Numbers 22:6-7).

Righteousness speaks to save a man that is righteous. Joseph’s right living spoke in his favour that made Potiphar to put him in charge of his household. Righteousness guarantees security: Every seat of power has security. The closer you are to God, the more secure you are. God secures a man that is righteous. Joseph enjoyed security and protection from God because he was righteous. Joseph’s brothers could not harm him because his righteous living guaranteed him security.

Child of God, when you live right, you are provoking God’s protection over your life. I pray for you, may your righteousness decorate your life that it may be perceivable by all who come near in Jesus name, Amen.

Meditation: No matter the drought, the righteous will always flourish

RM: Supernatural Lifting by Spiritual Positioning

Prayer: Lord, cloth me with the garment of righteousness, and help me to live right in Jesus

Apostle Joshua Talena

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