Love is indeed a stronger force – Opeyemi Ologun Oshaloto

Last week, I entered Keke Napep. Just few minutes into the trip, two women (must be in their late fifties) joined the ride. The woman who sat beside me insisted I adjust. I politely told her there wasn’t enough space again, more so, I held a baby. This woman gave a long hiss, ranted a bit about how the space was for three persons, and used her bigger bum to push me.

At first, I thought I needed to react. Then, I told myself, there must be a better way to break this cycle of distasteful act. I kept quiet. Sang few songs to feel much better.

Then, I suddenly thought I must pay for their transport fares. I struggled for awhile thinking they don’t deserve such goodness. They’re wicked women, I thought. But this is an opportunity to teach them about acting better.

Got down at my junction, asked the keke man the total of their fares and he told me. I paid for them. The women stuck their heads out and were thanking me profusely. I laughed out loud. I felt better. More so, I was happy for the opportunity to teach them something. They might/might not change. But a lesson was taught.

I also learnt some instructive lessons from the incident. Love is indeed a stronger force. You can imagine how God loves us regardless of our naughtiness, and withholds no good thing from us.

I hope February was a jolly ride. I wish you a happy new month in advance.


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