(A Vital Lesson)

By Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

When ministering the things of the Spirit to people, especially the operation of spiritual gifts of revelation, utterance and power, it’s important to be guided by wisdom, spiritual discretion, the principle of balance as well as spiritual maturity.

Now the Holy Spirit does not move to embarrass people or to break people down emotionally or psychologically.

Lack of spiritual discernment and maturity may make a minister to say what he shouldn’t say or do what he shouldn’t do, and even though the power may still manifest, the aftermath effect could be that people become broken or shattered emotionally.

It’s important to note of course that in cases where there’s an express instruction or spiritual release to announce a case and probably call forth the people involved, the Holy Spirit is just and faithful to take care of the consequences because we cannot also put Him in a box.

However, where there’s no express instruction, the wisdom of the Spirit should guide us and there’ll still be the same power effect.

A minister who is spiritually mature and flows in the things of the Spirit is a tremendous asset to the Body of Christ.

But when a minister is not spiritually mature, rather than being a blessing, he can sometimes become a “burden” to the move of the Spirit.

Sometimes it is wisdom not to call out people but simply mention their cases as inspired by the Spirit and then minister to them simply because of the nature of such cases and most times, depending on the way the Spirit leads, people have to be called forward for ministration.

In cases of healings, words can be spoken and hands can be laid on people because it’s PERFECTLY SCRIPTURAL.

However, in instances where there’s a revelation by the Spirit revealing cases, issues, or instances that may have emotional or psychological dimension, then one needs to be guided by wisdom.

At times while praying for people, the Spirit of God has revealed something to me about them but I may just “code” it in ministering to them in order to maintain confidentiality.

You can give a word generally which may have emotional or psychological dimension and you mention the case while you minister without calling anyone out.

Now that’s wisdom even though like I said, the leading of the Spirit supercedes every other consideration; we’re only examining the practical wisdom to employ in dispensing the things of the Spirit generally.

It’s important that we don’t leave people shattered emotionally after they have been ministered to because not all of us operate in the same level of spiritual maturity.

Recently I ministered in a meeting, and by God’s Grace and Mercy, we recorded diverse healings, and then a lady was brought to me at the altar by the Pastor, and the Pastor whispered to me that it was a case of bedwetting.

Now I don’t think it would be right for me to speak to the microphone in the hearing of the congregation something like, “No more bedwetting. You will not bedwet again. I command the bedwetting condition to cease in Jesus’ Name…”.

It may not really be necessary for the congregation to hear all of that. I just coded it by the wisdom of the Spirit and I said “Stop, in Jesus’ Precious Name”.

The congregation in that instance might not need to know what I wanted stopped.

At times in cases of that nature, I hand over the microphone and I minister to the people involved and yet God would still manifest.

Now it’s perfectly in line to mention the case generally and to minister to people without necessarily calling them out and they will still be sorted out by the Spirit.

Now, the gifts of the Spirit are not meant to divide the church or break down families or demoralize people; they are actually meant to EDIFY.

Look at this scripture:

Even so ye, forasmuch as ye are zealous of spiritual gifts, SEEK THAT YE MAY EXCEL TO THE EDIFYING OF THE CHURCH.

Now I want us to take note of the word, “SEEK”. That means if people will be EDIFIED by the operations of the Spirit in my life, I HAVE SOMETHING TO DO ABOUT IT.

My will, motive, intent, discretion, understanding, and maturity are involved.

The most dangerous minister is one whose mind is not renewed by the Word – he will cause “scatter scatter” under the guise of Holy Ghost influence.

There are people who have used “the operations of the Spirit” to cause schism in the Body of Christ, yet the things of the Spirit are not designed for that purpose.

There are guest ministers who get taken over by the flesh and they start prophesying to the associate pastors of the host minister that their time was up with their spiritual parents’ ministry and that it’s time for them to start their own ministries.

Now that’s very silly. God doesn’t bypass authority. He has put his representative there (the setman) and in the event of the aforementioned case involving any of the associate pastors, He will talk to the setman.

The Scriptures tell us TO DO ALL THINGS DECENTLY AND IN ORDER – 1 Cor.14:40.

You may receive a word as to people having bipolar disorder, people that did abortion, someone getting pregnant for another man and needs to straighten things out with her husband, a minister involved in moral difficulty, AND MUCH MORE but you need to trust the wisdom of God in handling such cases.

You may not necessarily call such people out; you can mention the case openly and minister generally except in exceptional cases, the Lord leads otherwise because HE’S STILL GOD AND HE WILL BE GOD FOREVER.

When Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman about her case – she had had five husbands before and the man she was living with at that moment was not her husband, it was simply BETWEEN JESUS AND THE WOMAN; it wasn’t a congregational thing – Jn.4:16-19.

Imagine disclosing that case in the ears of 5000 people while the woman is called forward in full public glare.

Just imagine that for a moment, yet some people do that and it sometimes becomes something like a “comedy”.

Today, some who flow in the things of the Spirit are genuine; it’s just that we need WISDOM, BALANCE and MATURITY while we as ministers are divested of human ego.

God is more willing to move mightily amongst us but we all must be guided by the fact that the gifts of the Spirit are to EDIFY, not MORTIFY; they are to BUILD; not to BREAK.

That way, God is GLORIFIED, the Church is EDIFIED and the Kingdom of our God ADVANCES GRACEFULLY.

May the Lord give us understanding!


I trust this made little sense Sirs and Mas?

Jesus Makes All Things Beautiful!!!







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