The season of Thanksgiving – Pst. Timothy Bernedict

Text: Jeremiah 30:19

According to meriam webstar-
Thanksgiving is a public acknowledgement of Divine goodness, it is not in words but in doings

**Thanksgiving is an expression of recognition of Divine sovereignty over the earth (psalm 24:1)
**Thanksgiving is a declaration of dependence and submission to divine over sight – proof that you don’t own yourself (psalm 26:6-7)

What are the seasons for public thanksgiving;

  1. After a major visitation upon one’s life and family
    a. In times of marriage
    b. Child birth
    c. Seasons of major healing
    d. career growth
    e. Business growth
    f. Securing of contract
  2. After a major deliverance or intervention (2samuel 6:2)

if you can think deep you don’t need any motivation to be grateful

We love you



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