#Shiloh2021: Engaging the Power of the tongue – Dr Paul Enenche


Bible Text: Luke 21:15


The mouth, the tongue and words play very critical roles in the life and destiny of every child of God.

They make the difference between dominating and being dominated.

Your confession is the prescription for your destination.

Your mouth is not just a body part, it’s a gift from God for your triumph in life.

Your mouth is to communicate the wisdom of God.

The power to live or die is rooted in your tongue.

Your mouth is a tool for the communication of your decision. – Prov.18:21

The tongue of the wise brings good health and the tongue of the foolish brings ill health – Prov. 12:18

Your liberty or captivity in life is at the mercy of your words.

Whatever comes out of your mouth per time will put what is necessary in your hands.

Nothing is against you if your mouth is not against you.

Biblical Examples of People who use their words to determine the outcome.

  1. Abraham. – Gen. 22:5, Heb. 11:17-19
  2. Ruth, the Moabite – Ruth 1:16, Deut. 23:3
  3. David – 1 Sam. 17:43-50
  4. Job – Job 14:14

If the devil cannot stop you from saying it, he cannot stop you from seeing it.

As you speak, your body aligns.

Your tongue has an impact on

  1. God – Num. 14:28, Isa. 44:26
  2. The angels. – Eccl. 6:6, Psa. 103:20
  3. The enemy. – Psa. 18:44-45, Ex. 15:13-15
  4. The earth. – Jer. 22:29, Mark 11:23
  5. Your life – spirit, soul and body. – Pro. 12:18

Keys to speaking right

  1. Continuous feeding on the light. – Matt. 12:27, 2 Cor. 4:13
  • What feeds your life flows out of you.
  1. Flowing with the spirit of faith
  • The proof of conviction is your declaration.
  1. Keeping the right company. – Num. 13:33-39
  • Anyone who does not speak faith is not qualified for your company.
  1. Living in uprightness. – Prov. 28:1, Isa. 59:1-2

-You can’t speak boldly if your conscience is not right

Key thoughts on the use of the Tongue

  1. Your tongue can either define or defile your life.
  2. Never allow your situation to determine your confession.
  3. Never keep quiet when your destiny is being decided.
  4. Until your mouth is widely opened, your destiny remains tightly closed.
  5. Your life turns in the direction of your tongue.





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