Operating in the Realm of More than a Conqueror – Bishop David Oyedepo

It takes thanksgiving to move from one level of grace to another. – Ps. 3:5

The dominion of light over darkness is instant and unquestionable.

Being more than a conqueror means living an ever-winning life, an ever-triumphant life, a life of no defeat, and a life of no setbacks.

Next to salvation, the greatest asset of the believer is revelation.

Faith is a ‘now’ force, so get set with your ‘now’ faith.

It is what you believe in the now that you manifest tomorrow.

New birth makes you an overcomer, but revelation makes you more than a conqueror.

It takes a depth of revelation to develop great faith that empowers you to become more than a conqueror.

Faith would only deliver to the level of your love for God.

Every genuine lover of God has access to the deep things of God.

The brighter you see, the stronger your faith.

There is nothing you have that you have not received because you have an ever-giving God.





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