EXCERPTS FROM THE UPSURGE CONFERENCE 2021 @ The Master’s Place International Church, Warri

God is a covenant-keeping God whose heartbeat is to see His people walk into the fullness of the blessing, have dominion, and propagate His will and desire on the earth.

The only one who rejoices at your lack is the devil because once a believer operates from the dimension of poverty, they are many things they can’t command in life. Poverty, lack and want are an utter contradiction to the will of God.

God wants to transfer wealth in the end time for His own to impact the world. God is not a respecter of persons, but He is a respecter of Principles. Believers need money to make a difference. If you don’t follow the principles of God you can’t make a difference. If you walk in the principles of God’s word, recognize what the word says, the difference will be massive in your life.

God is a God of balance like a pendulum – Power and Principles. As a child of God, you can balance the power of God and the principles of wealth creations. If you do what others have done you will get what others have gotten. Success leaves a footprint. When you follow the footprint, you can get what somebody has gotten with a Kingdom mindset.

Millionaires are not common placed however millionaire status can be reached and attained by certain distinctive characteristics;

Have A Great Dream – Millionaires define their future by the vision they carry on their inside. A goal undefined is a goal unreached. Millionaires have a workable and tenable financial goal. Vision is what you can SEE. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it. You have never defined your dreams, that is why you are not where you want to be.

Become A Progressive Problem Solver – You are known by two things – the problems you solve or the problems you create. Becoming a millionaire requires that you are a progressive problem solver. Everything happening around our world today is because somebody finds a problem and solves it. Solving problems is what changes your playing field. Every problem you face must have a solution. You are surrounded by problems and proffering a solution is what makes a difference.

Find And Develop Your Unique Gift – Gifting can be anything, discover what you are gifted at. Skills by training, Natural ability and the gifting of the Holy Spirit are three types of gifts that a believer is supposed to be blessed with. Develop your skillset by subscribing to continuous learning and training. Fine-tune and polish your natural ability to be in high demand and consistently depend on the Holy Spirit.



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