UNLOCKING THE WONDERS OF GOD (1) – Apostle Joshua Talena

(Job 9:10) Which doeth great things past finding out, yea, and wonders without number

Wonders is any occurrence that triggers a feeling of remarkable and extra ordinary psychological expression that beats human imagination. Wonder is the abode of God. Our God does wonders, everything about God is supernaturally supernatural. When God visits a man, He comes with His wonders. The involvement of God in a man’s affairs, activates wonders. When God walks, talks and moves, it involves wonders. Wonders is the language of the supernatural and the vocabulary of God. Everybody desires to experience the Wonders of God but there are what to do to experience his wonders. The wonders of God remains a mystery until it is unlocked.

How to Unlock the Wonders of God

  1. Operating in His Covenant: Nothing triggers the wonders of God like Covenant. The Covenant is a supernatural cord that binds God to man. Covenant is God’s approval of man and man’s acceptance of God. Anytime you activate God’s covenant, you activate His wonders. When a man activates God’s covenant, God blesses him with wonders. The wonders of God is packaged in His covenant. For you to see the wonders of God, operate in His covenant. To unlock God’s wonders you must operate within the confines of His covenant.
  2. Trafficking in Praise and Worship: When praise and worship go up, God’s wonders come down. With praise and worship, wonders are inevitable. Praise is the vehicle that conveys the wonders of God. Our worship brings everything under the control of His Lordship. Praise and Worship is the food of God. Refusal to praise God is starving God, of which you too will be starved of His wonders. The praise of God activates the wonders of God. Praise is the button that switches on the Wonders of God. If you want to be empty of the wonders of God, ignore praise and worship. Anytime you praise and worship God, He does wonders.
  3. Faith: Faith is a major weapon for unlocking the wonders of God. Faith is the determinant of the wonders of God in the life of a believer. Faith is entering into the spirit realm, taking hold of the invisible and making them available. Faith brings the unseen into physical reality. You cannot be full of faith and be empty of the wonders of God. Every scripture releases light, and when that light is charged with faith, miracles and wonders are released. Faith is confidence in God and in His word. God is faith and faith is God. To operate in faith is to operate in the wonders of God.

Beloved, do not be satisfied at religion. Seek and activate the wonders of God. Shallom!

Meditation: If you want to be empty of the wonders of God, ignore praise and worship

RM: Wonders Without Number

Prayer: Oh Lord, help me to unlock your wonders in Jesus name, Amen.


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