The Appointed Time – Pst. E.A Adeboye

November 2021 Divine Encounter

Bible Text: Genesis 8:20-22

Harvest must come. It is a settled matter. It is by the decree of the Most High.
Galatians 6:7
Once God speaks, it is settled.

Harvest time depends on certain things;

  1. Quality of the seed sown. Quality determines when the appointed time will come. The cheaper the seed, the shorter the time of harvest. The more expensive the seed, the longer the time of harvest.
  2. When do you sow? John 12:24, 1 Kings 17:8-16. You want a harvest, sow first. Until you sow, you cannot begin to count the days to the harvest.
  3. The season. You sow in the wrong season, there will be no harvest at all. Isaiah 55:10, Ecclesiastes 11:1-3.
  4. The harvest that will be produced depends on the soil. Matthew 13:3-8. Soils differ.
  5. Divine intervention. When divine intervention comes in, all the other things will not matter. Genesis 26:1-14

In advance of what you will do, God bless you.

God won’t lie. God is about to do something that He has not done before.
I am confident, there is somebody here today, your appointed time has come, and the siege of poverty in your family is over in Jesus Name.

What made the siege of Isaac to be over? Obedience.
If you’re still struggling with your salvation, if you want to surrender your life to Jesus, please do so now.

Prayer Point
Father, I am sowing now, please let my appointed time for harvest begin to come now.


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