-Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘THE POWER TO GET WEALTH’. (Part 1)

Let’s lift up our hands to Jesus and just wave them and worship Him. Lift your hands to the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
Lord, we praise You, we bless You. King of kings and Lord of lords; mighty are Your ways, mighty are Your works. Thank You Jesus for Your marvelous hand in our midst; for the signs, the wonders, the miracles – all inspiring miracles.

I truly believe in the power of God. I believe that the kind of Christianity that does not have proofs as to the claims that we bring from scripture is merely a dead religion – this is what I believe. If it is true that Jesus died, if it is true that He’s alive, if it is true that He’s today seated and exalted, glorified as both Lord and Christ, then there must be a backing to our profession. Church Gist. We must return with evidences that attest to the fact that He is alive. This is not just some drama we are playing; truly, He’s alive. But you cannot just tell the world He’s alive, “I write these things unto Theophilus of all that Jesus began to do and teach”, not just teach – to do. They must hear and they must see. You hear that Jesus is Lord, then you see that He’s Lord. You hear that He’s Healer, then you see that He’s Healer. You hear that He’s lifter, then you see that He’s lifter. Everything God said, He saw. That is the formula. If it does not work like that, He’s not there. It is saying and seeing that proves that He’s alive, not just saying.

He said when I came to you, that I did not just come with the excellency of speech but in the demonstration of power that your faith will not rest upon sophia, the wisdom of men but upon the power of God.

Lift your hands and thank Him for the marvelous miracles; lives transformed. This is what the Church is about, the light of the world indeed.
Lord we thank You, we are not ungrateful.

For tonight, I want you to pray because the Bible says they go from strength to strength as many as appear before the Lord in Zion.
2 Corinthians 3:17
For as long as we are alive, we will continue to let the nations see that Jesus is alive.

  • Cry to the Lord for a visitation tonight; access to superior wisdom.
  • Father, give me an encounter with your Word; an encounter that will bring value to my christian experience. An encounter that will be a consolation to my knowing You, my loving You, my serving You.
  • I declare by the power of the Spirit, may the grace for speed rest upon you now!
  • I decree and declare, speed. Every delay, I stand by the rod of the apostolic and the prophetic and I decree and declare now; you will run like Elijah and overtake the chariot of Ahab even down to Jezreel. You will run like Elijah; financially, spiritually!
  • In the name of Jesus, everything holding you down that will not allow you move forward; I speak to you tonight, go forward!
  • Every power sitting on your destiny that will not let you move forward, hear the Word of the Lord, in the name of Jesus the Christ of God, the One who is exalted as Lord and Christ, I command those spirits to give way now!
  • Every ministry here represented that will not move forward in their prophetic assignment, I decree and declare; that grace for speed lands upon your destiny now!
  • There are businesses here that have been grounded, I take five years and put in one month for you. By prophecy, the achievement of five years, may it manifest in one month!
  • Everything that should have entered your hand but it is been hijacked by powers in the second heaven, I stand by prophecy, this week, between today and next week Sunday; I prophesy, may it enter your hand!
  • Every helper of your destiny who have refused to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to birth prophecy over your life, I decree and declare; every helper of destiny, hear the Word of the Lord, from the North, South, East and West, I command them to appear over your destiny!
  • Shame and reproach that has refused to leave your life, by the God of Heaven, let it end here tonight!
  • This grace for visibility that can expose a man to his world, it’s called a “hear ye him, anoint him” grace. I speak to someone here, may that grace for visibility, let it come on you now!
  • Any man in fraternity with dark powers who said over his dead body for you to rise, may his prayer be answered in this service!

Let me tell you this; prophecy is not an announcement, prophecy is creation. You are not just announcing what should happen, you are making it happen, consistent with the will of God. Church Gist. There are many dimensions to the prophetic; there is the revelatory dimension of the prophetic that supplies you spiritual information to the end that your faith be built and then you have hope and the Bible says hope does not make ashamed. But there is the creative dimension of prophecy, it does not just reveal what will happen, it makes it happen.

  • By this time tomorrow, may testimony that will surprise you come to you!

Thank You Jesus, Lord we bless You.
Please be seated, God bless you.
Good Evening Everybody. This is Koinonia. When the believers were wondering what the power of God was doing, Peter said, this is that which was prophesied by Joel that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. Church Gist. The Lord bless you in the name of Jesus. I appreciate everyone, thank you for the sacrifice to be here week in, week out. I sensed that as I teach tonight, aside from the impartation of wisdom, one of the things that we are going to be receiving by the Spirit is the grace to walk in the reality of that which was spoken about.
Ezekiel 2:1-2

Let me honour and appreciate everyone here. Dr Stanley, thank you. It’s good to have you around, the Lord bless you in the name of Jesus. He came together with a dear wonderful man of God that I just got to meet, flew in all the way from London, just to come for a connection and marvelous work God is doing in His life, we had a brief conversation and my goodness; very humble, great man, Pastor Brown Jones, God bless you. Thank you very much.

It is one thing to be anointed and gifted, but if there is no one to hear you, you are not making your calling and your election sure. It is your responsibility to make your calling and your election sure. That means you are engaging all the principles, including honour that will validate that you are called. When you honour people, they will come to listen to you. Church Gist. When you despise them, you will talk to yourself. It is a principle that many people have ignored to their detriment. Please do not take people for granted. When God grants you the gift of access to the ears, the hearts and the convictions of men, it is a trust you must protect and guard jealousy.
Every time we have the opportunity to communicate the counsel of God and there is someone available to listen, you must not take it for granted.
So, thank you for coming.

There are not many times that God reveals to me what I should teach directly in visions; most times I logically sit down in partnership with the Holy Spirit and the wisdom of the Word to come up with the teachings that build the people. Church Gist. One of the assignments of priesthood is to sit with the Spirit of wisdom and the Word of God to design a spiritual growth menu, that is supposed to build God’s people and to help them attain maturity and stature in the Spirit. It is not until you have a vision or you have a dream or a sermon. God has granted you wisdom, every man of God is likened according to Jeremiah 3:15 to a spiritual chef; the primary menu is knowledge and understanding. So preaching and teaching is feeding.

It is often said that you become what you eat, that means when you have a lopsided people who are not men and women of stature in the Spirit, their lopsidedness can be traced to the kind of spiritual meal that they may be receiving and it is my commitment as a man of God within the limit of the grace available and the nature of the call; the assignment to ensure that week in, week out God’s people do not come here and sit only to waste their time. It is my assignment in partnership with the Holy Spirit to ensure that for every time you come and sit to learn, you must know Him, you must be able to have access to the wisdom that comes through life applicable teachings. Any dimension of spiritual truths that does not have applicability in your life and in this realm; it is useless. The truths that you know must edify you and must translate themselves into wisdom that improves the quality of your life, the quality of your fulfilling your assignment and the quality of the living of others.

There are many, many spiritual information that are useless as far as revealing Jesus, bringing Him glory, living an exceptional life and being a blessing to humanity is concerned. You must be careful to edit the things that you learn and know. Church Gist. The Bible says to be careful lest what you know be darkness. Moment when the Word comes is the moment when ignorance is leaving your life. Darkness and light cannot coexist (John 1:5). The coming of light is the exiting of darkness; the coming of knowledge is the exiting of ignorance (Hosea 4:6, John 17:3).

The teachings help us to know God, to understand His character and His ways so that we can become like Him. It is as we behold Him that we are changed. Just knowing He’s around does not change us, we must behold Him, then we are changed. Church Gist. The level of spiritual enlightenment that can help us to reign and excel in life; the kind of Christianity that just limits your growth to knowing God alone, without equipping you with the requisite level of spiritual arsenals that make for your victory, is incomplete. It is not just enough to know God; you must be equipped with the spiritual arsenals that make for your victory. The Bible calls us ambassadors, kings and priests (Revelation 5:10).

The bridge between prophecy and experience is light and understanding (Ephesians 4:18). Every service is a campaign against ignorance, to drive ignorance with an unbending determination from your life; ignorance in every life. So you are equipped to be a spiritual man, you are equipped to be a king and priest in experience; to be a blessing first to yourself and then through you to your world. Church Gist. If this is not happening, we are not in church, it doesn’t matter what time or what day. The Church as an institution is the only authorized platform where the mind of God and the value system of the Kingdom can be communicated. It is the most accurate platform where you learn God and His ways. Every other system outsources their knowledge from the Church. The manual for this training is scripture.

Tonight’s teaching is quite unique. I had some time to rest a little yesterday and I had a dream and in that dream, I was back with the students of the School of Ministry in class again. We are now on the last course on finance. In that dream, I was teaching the students but a strange thing began to happen; I noticed that the doors to the class just opened and people started coming who were not students of the School of Ministry. They came and they sat down and I didn’t seem bothered. Church Gist. In fact, I was excited and while they were coming, they were inviting others to come and hear and people were coming and the scene started changing to look like the Koinonia meeting. I knew exactly what God was saying, that He wanted me to communicate some of these ideas that we were teaching in the class and to bring them here. In obedience like Apostle Paul, I would not be negligent to this Heavenly calling and so tonight, join me as we explore the mysteries of the Kingdom in a two-part series that I hope to start today and finish next week:

We are going to be exploring by the Spirit, the economic system of the Kingdom as revealed from scripture, from the lives of uncommon people; men and women who are have so laboured and paid the price in the Kingdom and even extending to the secular environment. Church Gist. I do not intend to make it necessarily comprehensive because I know that we will have a number of other teachings and series that will come. When you are teaching complicated subject like this, it is wise and better to teach them not only in series but in levels; lines upon lines.

  • I pray in the name of Jesus that this that I will share with us tonight will truly bless us.

The subject of economy and wealth and finance is one that is quite a touchy subject as far as the Church is concerned because there are usually two schools of thoughts or two dimensions of approach to it

1). There are those who completely ignore the subject of the empowerment of believers all wise but especially in the area of finances because probably they may have received an understanding from largely well-meaning preachers who may have trivialize the need for economic empowerment in the body, in a bid to emphasize other topics like holiness, righteousness, godliness, the love of God and the fear of the Lord which is very profitable.

2). The other side of the pendulum are men and women who approach the subject of wealth and financial empowerment as though that’s the only thing Jesus taught and that imbalance has manufactured all shades of carnality, theft, insincerity, lack of integrity etc.

Both schools of thought are equally destructive because ignorance will keep you poor and poverty will make you a slave and slavery will frustrate you; you will die and sadly it takes you to hell. So we are yet to find any profit in approaching life from this standpoint, ignoring the blessings that come with being empowered even financially. Church Gist. On the other hand, there are people who have lost God, they have lost everything faith because of this mundane pursuit for money from an unscriptural standpoint and the only reward they get from approaching it this way is sorrow upon sorrow that depresses them. Then they become the echo of Solomon’s proclamation; vanity upon vanity, all is vanity.

The issue is not economic empowerment, the issue is the approach. So I hope by the Spirit of the living God, from first a spiritual standpoint and then leaning on the shoulders of those who have been graced in this area with proven track records, I hope that we will be able to put together principles that will help us. It is my believe that at the end of this teaching, there will be a remarkable transformations and testimonies from the lives of people.

Proverbs 22:2
Very dangerous statement that the rich and the poor meet together, where? On earth. The platform that brings the rich and the poor together is the earth and then the Bible says something that if you don’t understand, it makes God looks like an unfair person. The Bible says, the Lord is the Maker of them. Who are the them? The rich and the poor. Church Gist. Listen, God did not make them rich or poor. God make them men; they separated themselves into rich or poor. There is no record of God making rich people and poor people from scripture. God made men; men now gravitated into different dimensions economically speaking and the Bible says, whichever one you choose, one fact remains, God is the Maker of them all.

Proverbs 22:7
There’s a relationship between wealth and dominion.

Psalm 35:27
We know according to scripture that God has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.

Genesis 17:6, 2 Corinthians 8:9, Ecclesiastes 9:13-16
Why has the subject of wealth and prosperity in the Kingdom becomes such a burden? Do you know that I will not be surprised that as I am teaching this now, there are many of you listening, watching and following who may be so uncomfortable; “why is he having to teach about money? Church Gist. There are many other spiritual things we need to talk about.” I agree with you and I sympathize with you. That’s why God sent me because there has to be a correction of this ideology. The lopsidedness and the belief that the moment you begin to talk about economy. I will tell you why many people have not been serious about the subject of finance from a Kingdom standpoint: the reason is because; most of them have other people who are paying the price of their ignorance for them, financially speaking. So whether you understand the principles or not, there seems to be someone you can lean on and tap into his own sacrifice and you see, there is something about pain that is a blessing; the prodigal son was not told by the Holy Spirit to come to himself. Pain in that place reminded him and the Bible says, he came to himself.

There are many people who will not pay attention to their finances because every time God wants to teach them that lesson, there comes someone in the guise of compassion and would stop them from seeing the relevance of understanding that subject. The terrible thing is that, the moment you get to a point where you become comfortable with poverty and lack and ignorance, you are not the only one who will suffer it; the average person seated here is connected to at least four people. Church Gist. Can I tell you, the kind of trouble that is in our nation today, in Africa today is not just a problem with Government, it’s a problem with orientation. There are many people who talk about money from a carnal standpoint, even when they are sleeping, when you wave money to them, they will wake up. That lust and that derive for it, they can kill for money; they can do anything for money.

I am not talking about this marketing of flesh and lust that ignores Jesus just for the pursuit of mundane things to prove points that “I am rich, I am this”. That is also not what I am talking about. My communication is from a Kingdom standpoint with the understanding that the men and the women who are listening are people who are determined to see Jesus revealed and Jesus glorified.

There are many people today who die before their time and the limitation was that they did not have the economic resources to have simply help people who had certain levels of sicknesses whose cure had been discovered and it would have been managed scientifically. Church Gist. There are many children today who were born to be prophet; there are many people who, we would have be contemporaries in ministry, serving the purposes of God but an economic disadvantage brought them down. Some of them, it’s now they are trying to go to school, get their left from their right. When you look at the subject of insufficiency from the negative effect it has caused you, society and the Kingdom of God, now you are motivated by a correct design to be blessed.

Many people have been relocated out of the will of God in pursuit of money. There are times when the devil wants to destroy you, he gives you a visa and you go like Jonah out of the will of God and many have been victims of that and we have the audacity to condemned and point accusing fingers at people. You have no moral stands to condemn anybody you did not give an opportunity to learn the truth. Our young men and our young women will continue to be casualties in society until men and women are of God especially are unashamed to stand up and bridge this gap.

For as long as there are only few blessed in the Body of Christ, we will overburden them and they will remain instruments of attack because when the devil knows that one million people are depending on one person, instead of looking for the one million people to destroy them, he will strike that one person and render a lot of people helpless and homeless. Church Gist. Many people today continue to go to their grave in pain, dying of heart attack and dying of all kinds of things because of economic hardship from malnutrition in the Northeast and across the North, here in Nigeria to all version of things. Church Gist. You find people who cannot go to school because of N10,000, N5,000, N20,000 and we are here jumping in the Church saying we are the light of the world, the salt of the earth and when the world said we are lying, we try to fight them. Where is the proof? If you are a witness, there has to be an evidence. The evidence is not 30 cars or billions piling up in a bank account, the evidence is not demanding respect on account of your economic pedigree. No! We are ambassador!

Why does God wants us to prosper?
We have to answer the question why? Why gives purpose and perspective to everything. If we do not know why God blesses us in the Kingdom and why He so desires to give us the power to get wealth, there would keep being casualties from people who are blessed. There are many people who started in church today, they are not in church. They started loving God, the moment they became economically comfortable, they threw God away.

  1. He desires for us to live a comfortable life. Anything that rejects that statement is demonic.
    Economically speaking, there are four realms of living:
    a). Survival. It is a dangerous realm to be, a realm of poverty, lack, insufficiency, always worrying about money, stealing, manipulating, doing all kinds of things.

b). Comfort. A realm where your needs are met without options.

c). Luxury.

d). Extravagance.

We are Kingdom people so our communication is from a Kingdom perspective. The lowest realm and that highest realm is not for you. We are not called to a life of survival and extravagance. These two realms are dangerous. If you find yourself in a realm of survival, fight it like you fight satan. Church Gist. When you find yourself in a realm of extravagance, you are losing the consciousness of your stewardship. The allowance for a believer is the realm of comfort and luxury. When the Bible says godliness with contentment is great gain, contentment resides within that realm.

God wants us to live a comfortable life, God wants you to not have a problem paying your children school fees. God does not want a husband and wife jamming their heads together after praying for three hours, fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit and then a demon cheaply comes in between them to cause trouble using economic tides. Church Gist. God wants us to live meaningful lives. There are many people who sit in church and while a message is going on, they are thinking about the house rent. You cannot live and be productive under that kind of environment.

2). So that we can help provide financial resources for Kingdom advancement. I teach the School of Ministry students that do you know and I say this with every sense of respect and regard to the Body of Christ, first appreciating all that we are and all that God has done and He is doing in us thus far but I have to say this; most of the manipulations that we talk about in church, can I tell you, when believers are mentored properly in the building process, they should be taught that it is part of your Kingdom responsibility to provide financial resources for Kingdom advancement. Church Gist. It should not be anything that comes as manipulation. There should not be anything superstitious about it. The Ark was carried on the shoulders of priests. It will always take men to provide financial resources for Kingdom advancement but not by manipulation or coercion, it is by revelation motivated by their love for Jesus.

Kingdom activity refers to any activity that ultimately leads to the revelation of Jesus and the glorification of the same whether it is a sermon, crusade or school. If Kingdom is not captured in that agenda, it is not of God and it is not worth your investment. So God desires that as He blesses and increases us, a part of that resource without coercion; “I should love His house and His work so much that I should be active contributor to the Kingdom call”.

3). So that we reveal the love and compassion of Jesus to a dying world in a practical and a definite way. By this shall all men know that you are my disciples when you have love, not just when you pray in tongues. The love component is very powerful. Church Gist. There is a dimension of evangelism called evangelism through love, that the love is the preacher and it preaches so well to any tribe or tongue at all. There are people today who may never be able to help themselves; there are children today who may never have access to quality healthcare, schools until you respond to that call. Every blessed person has a responsibility by God and under God that a portion of your resources should go into blessing people without any bias for religion or whatever kind of prejudice. You extend the love of Jesus to people and allow the love to be a preacher.

These are the three principal reasons why God blesses us financially in the Kingdom; the first one has to do with you and everybody around you, the second has to do with the Church and the third has to do with the world.

Have you seen people commit suicide who were wealthy? It then tells you that money in itself does not give you satisfaction and fulfilment. The satisfaction and fulfilment come when you know that it has helped you to live a comfortable life, bring financial resources for the building of the Lord’s house and then to be able to reveal the love of Jesus. Let me add by saying this; from a standpoint of assignment, money in a man’s life really only does two things:

1). Time redemption. Why is time redemption important? Because that is really what you have. Every other things you have is a subject of time you can lose money and get it back. A business can go down flat and you can build it up again but when you lose time, time is precious. Ask a dying man, what is your wish? He’s not going to tell you build me an estate quickly or please give me more degrees; the wish of a dying man is more time (Isaiah 38). That was the cry of Hezekiah. He was already a wealthy and a blessed man but when you lose time, everything that came through time is also lost.

Money is a mechanism that helps us to redeem time. If money is not used in your life to redeem time, you don’t know the use for it. I’m sorry to be harsh but this is the truth.

2). Money is a mechanism for efficiency. When you move from one small room to a three-bedroom flat, does it add your size, do you have to necessarily buy a bigger bed and put them in all the rooms? But it provides a greater platform for efficiency.

Efficiency is important because it is your responsibility to keep this body alive. This body you see is your authorization to keep functioning on earth. Church Gist. Whatever deteriorate this body beyond a certain level, the spirit will not be able to coexist again, it will leave. So you have a responsibility to keep this body alive and strong so that you can serve the purposes of God, hence the need for efficiency. If you do not understand the purpose of money, Satan will give you another reason.

There are three foundational truths about wealth and the blessings of God:

  1. All blessings come from God and belong to God.
    The word PROSPERITY comes from the word prosper. It simply means to do well. It has nothing to do with money. Church Gist. The word prosperity is an attempt to describe someone who is advancing and making progress. There are five levels of prosperity. In this Kingdom, when you say you have prospered, it has to be 5/5

a). Spiritual prosperity. This is the highest level of prosperity given to the believer. Being born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, learning the ways of God and loving Jesus with all your heart.

b). Mental prosperity. This means to be developed, to outsource superior beliefs system about God, life, your ideology and your philosophy line up with scripture that you get to a point where you are enlightened and now you can deploy the creativity of your mind for the betterment of your own life.

Everything around you is a report card, it tells us the health of your mindset or otherwise. The availability of financial resources, your relationships etc all those things are mere report cards, they are telling us the level and the extent of your mental transition. Church Gist. If you want to be global in your approach and do much for the Kingdom, you must find a way of divorcing yourself from unhealthy beliefs through culture, failure of the past, past experiences, negative association and all kinds of negative exposure. You must obtain grace from God to rid yourself off those things (Psalm 78:41).

3). Bodily prosperity. This means your health and well-being. You want to keep this body for as long as possible so that it will help you serve the purposes of God? If you deteriorate this body through carelessness, you will go to Heaven but you may not finish your assignment. Africans interpret prosperity as extravagance and you know, generally when you come from a background of deprivation, when God blesses you, you are on a revenge mission. Some people can sit down and take two bottles of Coca-Cola, half chicken with three or four wraps of swallow and once you eat that, we have been given a narrative that that kind of scenario equals prosperity but it may not be so. The Bible says the leaves are for the healing of the nations.

Three years in a row, I had my retreat and I found out that the lowest performing area in my life was my health, I said no more! I’m going to repent before God and pay attention because this body needs to be used to go to the Nations and preach the Gospel and then one of the Fathers of faith after preaching in a conference, drew me to his office and he said, my son, let me talk to you; “be careful, Africans kill their prophets, watch your health”. I took that as a voice from God and as I received it, I’m transferring it to you. Please learn it today, go online and settle down, let the Spirit of wisdom help you.

d). Financial prosperity. It means to sustain the ability to totally conquer poverty, lack and the negative effects that come with them. It is important for you to be productive, to have sufficient financial resources when needed. Church Gist There is timing to prosperity. If money comes too late, it will destroy you because it supposed to come when needed to help you solve the problem.

e). Relational prosperity. The health of your relationship that God blesses you with strategic destiny relationship that gives you the opportunity to express love, to care, to connect with people and to live a meaningful and productive life. Do not neglect relationships in a bid to pursue money. Many people have thrown away strategic destiny helpers because they are looking for money.

Money is only valuable, because there are men at the other side to receive it. You cannot exalt papers more than men. At the end of your life, it is not papers that will bury you, papers will not walk their ways and get a coffin and do a befitting burial. Church Gist. No! In fact, at the end of your life, you will not buy your way to heaven, it is your relationship that will take you to heaven, even if you go to hell, it is still relational prosperity that will take you there. Relationships are powerful; everything money can buy; relationships can also buy.

All blessings come from God and belong to Him. (James 1:17). In this Kingdom, owners are rebels. We do not own things, we are stewards. You have to understand this; “my money”, that is the language of people who are about to crash. I will tell you why many people do not secure the support of God; there is this pride that we have: “my money”. All blessings come from God and belong to Him. Church Gist. Anytime you see your bank balance, I want you to know that it’s only the text that came from your bank, that ability came from God.

Rule number one, if you want to do financial business with God, you have to understand that all blessings come from God and belong to Him. In this Kingdom, owners are rebels, we are not given ownership, within the context of what I am teaching, everything God gives you belongs to Him.

Parents, repent from telling children, this is my thing. Let me tell you; there is a burden that owners have that you don’t have the power to carry; owners must maintain the well-being of everything that is their own. When God becomes owner, He also becomes Abba, protector, source, defender. This is why we have a lot of balloon success; people go up and come down because they do not know that there is only one called Abba.

2). All blessings come from God, through men to men. It does not come from God to men. Most believers do not know this: we have all kinds of immature statement like all I need is just God. If you mean that in terms of His sovereignty, you are right. If you mean that in terms of dynamics of transfer, you are joking. It is the Spirit and the bride that says come.

There are times when God has already blessed a man, when you pray to Him, He will say there is no need, there is enough of this already in the hand of a man, just connect to a man who will give you. Church Gist. There is no amount of money that is going to come from the windows of Heaven, every currency is in somebody’s bank account right now. Every job is with somebody right now. One person’s signature, please help this person and the person will say, not the English we are speaking, I have a relationship. When God moved me to this City, I found out, I may be wrong, I’m not speaking as a statistician, I’m speaking as someone who uses common sense to analyze. I found out that over 50, 60 per cent of the partway to wealth in Abuja works by relationship. In this Kingdom, who hates you does not matter but who likes you.

All blessings come from God, through men to men. All troubles come from Satan, through men to men. Whether it is God working or Satan, men must be in-between. So whilst you are praying, you must know what to do in this world of men because this world of men is a mysterious world. Church Gist. The Heaven of heavens belongs to the Lord but the earth as He given to the sons of men. If you don’t know what to do with men, you will suffer as if God did not answer your prayer. The lifting power of men, that when a man steps into your life, he can be used by God to change the entire financial climate in a moment.

  • Lord, now that I know that all blessings come from You through men to men, I ask that You move these men to my life.

Luke 6:38
Everything, it is God that gives it but the conduits are men.

3). Wealth and abundance in this Kingdom is not an achievement; it is a trust from God. (Deuteronomy 8:17-18, Ecclesiastes 9:11, Psalm 127:1-2). The moment you see the subject of wealth in the Kingdom as “my personal achievement”, you have lost the support of God.
1 Corinthians 4:1-2
We are only stewards of all that God has given to us, faithfulness is what God is looking for.

Courtesy: Church Gist


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