1. Understanding the seed principle
  2. Understanding kinds of seed
  3. Understanding the harvest principle


  1. Whatever you give is not lost; what leaves your hands does not leave your life, it enters into your future and multiplies
  2. The harvest is guaranteed when the seed is placed on the Word (Eph. 5:26)
    Don’t just sow, let revelation guide your sowing
  3. There are diverse channels of giving leading to diverse channels of receiving (Eccl. 11:2)
    Don’t just sow, let revelation guide your sowing
  4. When the giving cloud is full, the harvest rain must fall (Eccl. 11:3)
    When the giving is intense, the rainfall is also intense
    If you are not yet experiencing rainfall, keep filling up the cloud and when the cloud is sufficiently full, the rain must fall
  5. Consistency in giving eventually overcomes resistance to receiving (Eccl. 11:6)
  6. The seed you sow will affect the quality and durability of your life (Gen. 8:22)
    When there is the seed, there is the time then there is the harvest; if the harvest has not come, every other thing being equal, no devil can force you out before your harvest
  7. Your seed, especially welfare seed, establishes goodwill around the sower (Acts 9:36-39).
  8. When you give at every opportunity, you harvest at every opportunity (Eccl. 11:6).


  1. The Tithe (Gen. 14:18-20; Mal. 3:10; Matt. 23:23; Heb. 7:8)
    Specifically speaking, the Tithe is not a seed, it is an obligation – it is a tenth of your income.
    The Tithe is not a matter of law, it is a matter of covenant
    1a. Your tithe is givable in the present moment
    1b. Even though the tithe is paid to the church it belongs to the Master (Heb. 7:8)
    1c. The Tithe is paid into the storehouse (Mal. 3:10)
    1d. You don’t determine what should be done with the tithe; it is determined by the leadership of the place of your meat
    1e. Tithing can be done as frequently as your income is realised or gathered on a monthly basis; that is your decision
    1f. Consistency is the rule for results; every endeavour answers to consistency

1i. Once you have made up your mind not to owe God, you have positioned yourself not to be owed by any devil

1ii. The deferment of the Tithes is a set up for the activity of the devourer because an untithed money is unsecure money

a. Open Heavens
b. Open Life
c. Open Earth
d. Open Mind
e. The Blessing
f. Favour
g. Authority
h. Opportunity
i. Wealth
j. Speed
k. Victory over the devourer
l. Distinction (Mal. 3:17)

  1. The worship offering/the freewill offering (Deut. 16:16; 23:15; Mark 12:41-42; Ps. 96:8)
    The Tithes open the Heavens but the seed engages the earth
    If you don’t come before the Lord empty, you cannot go through life empty.
  2. The firstfruit giving (Gen. 4:3-4; Prov. 3:9-10; Rom. 11:16; 1Cor. 15:23; Ezek. 44:30)
    The firstfruit is the first income or the first increase
    The firstfruit provokes the release of the commanded Blessing
  3. The sacrifice (Ps. 50:5, 14-15; Phil. 4:16-19; Ps. 126:1-5; 20:1-3 Gen. 22:1-2; 15:18)
    Sacrifice is the act of depriving yourself something of value for the sake of another person, ideal or value
    Sacrifice is giving that cost you something, and it is done by personal decision or by kingdom demand
    4a. The sacrifice establishes the covenant (Ps. 50:5, 14-15)
    4b. The sacrifice is key to deliverance in times of trouble
    4c. The sacrifice is key to an open ticket with God
    4d. The sacrifice is the doorway to the supply of all need (Phil. 4:16-19)
    4e. The sacrifice is key to captivity turnaround (Ps. 126:1-5)
    4f. The sacrifice establishes an altar of remembrance/memorial with God (Ps. 20:1-3)
  4. The prophet’s offering/priest’s giving (Gal. 6:6-7; Luke 8:2-3; 1Cor. 9:7)
    This is giving into the life of the one that touches/shapes your life
    The prophet’s giving connects the giver to the oil and the blessing resident on the prophet
    The prophet’s giving connects you to the giving of your prophet because your giving flows through his own giving and his returns return back to you
  5. Testimony or thanksgiving offering (Matt. 8:3-4; 1Chron. 15:26)
    This is giving to show appreciation or to say thank you
    Testimony or thanksgiving offering positions you for the next testimony
  6. Charity Offering (Prov. 19:17; Jam. 1:27; Job 29:4-17)
    Giving to the less privileged – the widows, orphans and the aged
    When the Lord makes you big, ensure you have a charity foundation that touches the lives of millions
  7. Seed faith (Matt. 17:20; Rom. 5:7-8; John 3:16)
    The seed faith is a seed planted in expectation of a desired result, as led by the Spirit
    The seed faith is a seed released for your faith to expect; it is not a payment but a seed that your faith can hold onto.
    It is a trigger for faith – a faith expectation
  8. Obligatory givings (Eph. 6:1-3; 1Tim. 5:8; Lev. 19:13; Deut. 24:14; Jer. 22:13)
    These are givings that you don’t have choice over:
    9a. Giving to parents (Eph. 6:1-3)
    i. Giving to parents guarantee your welfare on the earth
    ii. Giving to parents guarantee your durability on the earth
    9b. Giving to wife and children/family (1Tim. 5:8)
    9c. Giving to employees/hired servants (Lev. 19:13; Deut. 24:14; Jer. 22:13)


  1. You don’t reap passively, you reap actively (Joel 3:13)
  2. The harvest requires patience (seed – time – harvest) (Gen. 8:22; Gal. 6:9)
    Patience is not weakness; patience is persistent expectation
  3. The harvest requires faith (Heb. 11:6; Rom. 4:23)
    As you are sowing conscious you must be harvest conscious
    Your faith expectation is a magnet of your harvest

Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


  • Your millions and billions no devil shall withhold from you
  • The wisdom and discipline to apply these things are released upon you

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