(Daniel 6:3) Then Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him, and the king thought to set him over the whole realm.

Platform is a surface on which a person or a thing is standing. Platforms give you better view and introduce you. It is the platform that brings the extraordinary to bear on your condition. It is the channel that allows the flow of divinity in your direction. There are platforms that guarantee manifestations. The supernatural manifestation is operating in a dimension that is beyond scientific understanding. The supernatural is manifesting in super human atmosphere that defiles the law of nature. When the supernatural is in operation, the law of nature is suspended and natural laws are broken. The supernatural is the manifestation of events that is considered to be of spiritual and infinite origin. The supernatural is an order of existence that strives beyond the realm of visibility and tangibility. It is a departure from what is normal into what is paranormal.

The supernatural is a platform for faith fortification where the glory of God is made manifest in our mortality. The supernatural is an outflow of attention commanding results. The supernatural is a realm that produces results that cannot be explained rationally. The supernatural is a realm of life that is superior to the natural. The supernatural are the manifestation that does not follow natural process (Jonah 4:6). The supernatural are realities that do not correspond with the contemporary. Below are the platforms that guarantee supernatural manifestations:

  1. Platform of Assignment. Your assignment is the problem that God has designed you to solve. It is what you solve for others that put you in charge. Takeover is connected to a man’s assignment. Your relevance is a function if your assignment. Your functionality sponsors supernatural manifestations. Anytime you exist without an assignment, satan gives you an assignment. You cannot be neutral. Its either you are dominating something or something is dominating you. Your true value is in your assignment. To improve your assignment is to increase your capacity for supernatural manifestations (1 Kings 4:29-34).
  2. Platform of Understanding (1 Kings 3:12). Nothing makes you takeover in life like an understanding heart. Understanding was the platform on which Solomon took over the whole world in his time. Understanding means to comprehend the matter. It is the parameter that guarantees outstanding exploits.

Meditation: Learn from the eagle. While other birds take cover at the storm, the eagle soars in the midst of the storm. It is when the storm is fierce that the eagle showcases its brevity and expertise.

RM: Supernatural Manifestation

Prayer: My Father, my Maker, place me on the platforms that guarantee supernatural manifestations in Jesus Name, Amen.


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