Start Again – Pastor Winner Idachaba

🎼🎼I remember
The place where you brought me from
Lord I thank you for where I am today
I see you doing a new work in my life
And I thank you for the future I see… 🎹🎹

You will not miss out on all that God has promised you this month.

Has God declared it, He will do it, and will manifest it. All you need do is to position yourself this month.

This month, you shall receive all that God has for you and you shall have your testimonies.

I want you to be expectant and hopeful because if God has said it, He will do it.

Start Again

Isaiah 46:10

There’s a determined place that God has planned for you.
Job 42:10-12
Job had to start again, but double of what he had before. His latter end was better than his beginning. Anyone who is willing to key into the move of God, must start afresh, and you will end better. Amen.

God has planned a greater glory, double blessings to the end that your latter blessings will be more than you’ve ever had. As you start again, your latter end will be greater than the beginning.

Haggai 2:9
The intention of God is that as you begin again, the glory of the latter shall be greater than the former in your life.
I want to give you 3 perspectives this morning.

  1. A lot of people struggle to embrace new beginnings because of Early Arrival Syndrome. (premature contentment). The first thing you need to do away with is early arrival mentality. Come to a point where you will tell yourself that you haven’t even started on your oath to greater glory. This is what you need to embrace a New Beginning. You should tell yourself that you haven’t even started.
    You cannot be too contented, even in seeking the ways of the Lord.

Many also struggle to leave their comfort zone. You need to understand that the God you serve is a progressive God, and expects that you do and attempt new things. Even His mercies are new every morning. Lamentations 3:23

  1. Job 14:14
    For many people, because of the negative things that they have experienced, they might be discouraged. But there’s an end to every battle in your life. No matter what you experience, there’s an expiration date because God has said that there’s an appointed time for expiration.

There is an expiration date to every problem in your life. God has said that this month of New Beginning marks the expiration date for everything that hasn’t been working in your life in Jesus name.

  1. Understand that God is a progressive God. He is about the business of doing new things. Isaiah 43:18-19
    From creation, God has always been about doing new things.
    God has had to start again in several occasions in the Bible. With Adam, Noah, Abraham, even to the coming of Jesus Christ. The redemptive work of Jesus was something new.

With this understanding, you can’t dwell and stay in the old when God wants you to start anew. Ezekiel 11:19

In life, there’s a principle of something new always happening.

Even in our physical body, as cells die, new ones are regenerated. God is always on the move, and expecting you to be progressive as well.
Rev 21:5
The events in this scripture hasn’t even happened, but God has already planned a new thing. God is always doing new things all the time.


  1. You need to avoid Early Arrival Syndrome because it kills progression in life.
  2. There’s an appointed time for your life issues to end and start a new beginning. You must yield to starting a new beginning.
  3. God is a God of the new, and expects you to attempt new things and be progressive.

Where your dream ends is where your vision ends.
God doesn’t dwell in the past and always doing new things, and we are created in the image of God and so, we are to be progressive and attempt new things all the time.

Because you attempted something and it failed doesn’t mean that it will fail the next time.

I challenge you, dream again, sacrifice again, pray again, attempt it again.

How do you start

You decide in your heart and align your plans with the word of God. Prov 3:5
Your decision to start again must be anchored and driven by the word of God.

Abraham anchored his decision for a new beginning on the word of God.

  1. You need to dump and deal with laziness and procrastination. Prov 12:24. You must cut off laziness and procrastination.
  2. You must delve into action. James 2:26
    This morning, you must delve into action.

You need to dream again. What new thing do you want to start? What project do you want to go into this morning?
You must take action. Attempt it

The anchors that you need as you start a new beginning

Job 32:8

  1. The Holy Spirit should be your anchor. Let the Holy Spirit become your anchor as you start something new. You must not play with the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  2. The anchor of sacrifice. It is sacrifice that solidifies you as you make a fresh start. God didn’t bring about the redemptive work without a sacrifice. We are a new creation today because of the sacrifice of Jesus.
  3. Prayers. Isaiah 66:10
    For you to bring forth anything new in life, you need prayers.

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