Father-son relationship in the Kingdom is one that is very critical to God’s agenda on the earth, and in recent times it’s gaining traction in Christian discourse and also within the horizon of the Body of Christ.

The goal of the devil is to distort people’s perspective on this Kingdom system of protocol and create confusion thereby making people to develop cold feelings about it.

However, in this end-time, God Almighty through the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit’s ministry is bringing a balance of perspective in that area, and everyone in the entire spectrum of that relationship should be sensitive and open-minded.

Whatever we do in the Kingdom, we need to allow UNDERSTANDING to rule us, not emotions, sentiments or ill feelings.

Often, we forget that spiritual fathers are still human and spiritual sons are still human, and that Christ is the Perfection of every minister.

We all strive day and night by the power of the Spirit at work in us to become more conformed to the image of the Son.

Coming from that background, it is an anomaly for a father to place a curse on the son or develop a resentful feeling towards the son.

By the same token, it is abnormal for a son to engage in rebellion or insurrection against the father.

There should be MUTUAL LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING, and where that is missing, every evil work will thrive and prevail.

Now, can a father “miss” it? Yes! And I say that with great caution.

Can a son also miss it? Yes. You see, anyone can miss it because there’s a human part of us but NO WISE SON WILL EVER SAY THAT HIS FATHER MISSED IT; he needs wisdom to walk accordingly.

The element of conviction in everyone of us is a credible testament to the authenticity and validity of the free moral agency of man.

Man is a creature of conscience, and as such, it is not right to violate people’s conscience to promote one’s desires.

Issues of conviction must be handled with wisdom and balance, and a lot of love and understanding.

I must say at this juncture that no one can have conviction against the truth of God’s Word.

No matter the instruction, guidance or leading you have from the Lord, it will always be in the context of divine order.


But one thing you should look out for in a father-son relationship is that unconditional love your father has for you and his desire to see you become all that God has ordained you to be.

The heart of a father is not what you get at a Conference or in a Convention; it is gotten in the place of unbroken intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

A genuine father does not replace the Holy Spirit in the life of the son.

He’s neither a Shylock nor is he an Overlord but a servant of the Most High God who sees it as a privilege to be a part of WHAT THE LORD IS DOING in people’s lives.

That consciousness brings him to a place where he realizes that even though he may have good intentions and suggestions for the son, the will of the Lord still supercedes and prevails over his desire.

A genuine father will not wait for or expect the downfall of a son because the son doesn’t align with his personal prejudices and idiosyncrasies.

I know these are sensitive issues to talk about but I’m sorry if it doesn’t sound cool.

To my mind, it is better to talk about this matter than to allow the enemy to use it to create disaffection within the camp of the saints.

Revelation is superior to assumptions. Some folks may just be sincere but they don’t really have the technical know-how to deal with matters of this nature.

And that’s why the Holy Spirit accomplishes God’s purpose through sound teaching.

Bear in mind that I said fathers are still human and sons are still human.

Every human has their nuances and we cannot take that away from them.

Issues relating to CONVICTION will happen especially from a son to a father but UNDERSTANDING is very key here.

No father needs to be angry with any son and no son needs to cut off from any father he’s convinced about if there’s GENUINE LOVE and MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING.

I will relate three stories here to illustrate what I have been saying in “parables”.

When Bishop David Oyedepo wanted to move to Lagos to start their Lagos branch, initially Archbishop Benson Idahosa didn’t really flow with that decision.

Now this is a true life story. I heard Bishop Francis Wale Oke share it.

At that time in Kaduna, Living Faith Church was gaining ground and attendance was running into about 3000 people.

So, the Archbishop felt that Bishop David Oyedepo was an Apostle in the northern region and that going to Lagos might not really augur well for the ministry.

But Bishop David Oyedepo honorably and respectfully told Papa Idahosa, “Sir, I’m so sorry Sir, but the Lord has sent me to Lagos…”.

Well, even though it was Archbishop’s wish and desire for him to keep consolidating the work in Kaduna, he allowed him to follow his conviction as given to him by the Spirit.

The Archbishop prayed for him and wished him well. And of course in few years, there was an explosion 💥💥💥 in Lagos.

The Archbishop was glad to minister in Lagos for Bishop David Oyedepo several times, and he commended and blessed the work.

Now, that’s the heart of a father. And also on the part of Bishop David Oyedepo, that’s the heart of a son.

Archbishop Benson Idahosa knew that the will of God was superior to his own wish and desire, and also Bishop David Oyedepo didn’t also turn around to tell the Archbishop, “See now Papa. Didn’t I tell you before…?”.

No! No!! No!!! Bishop Oyedepo knew that Archbishop’s earlier suggestion for him to stay in Kaduna was coming from A HEART OF LOVE; it’s just that both of them were sensitive and open-minded enough to allow the Spirit of God to prevail.

The second story I want to share was how Pa S. G. Elton advised Bishop Francis Wale Oke against starting an autonomous ministry.

Pa Elton was a strong believer in the fact that God wasn’t starting autonomous ministries and that young ministers should join existing mainline denominations to contribute their own quota, yet he was a mighty prophet of God who gave prophecies that shaped the future of the nation.

But here was Papa Wale Oke with the lingering burden of the Spirit in his heart to start his ministry.

Well, the Lord gave him the go-ahead to start The Sword Of The Spirit Ministries, and there was an explosion 💥💥💥 to the Glory of God.

Two years after, Pa Elton came to preach for Bishop Francis Wale Oke in Ibadan and when he saw the mighty things the Lord was doing, he told Papa, “Francis, this is the hand of the Lord…”.

Now when Pa Elton was invited to minister, he could have rejected the ministration, saying “I said you shouldn’t start your own ministry… Why are you inviting me?…”.

No, the heart of a father made him to go and to also commend the work and bless it, and Papa Francis Wale Oke also didn’t go on a vendetta mission against Pa Elton. So much to learn here friends!

The third story I want to share was when Daddy Bishop Mike Bamidele showed Bishop Francis Wale Oke the present location of the Garden of Love, Ilesha many years ago, Bishop Francis Wale Oke’s immediate reaction was, “In this bush? The Lord be with you…”.

Actually, it was a jungle but that was where God led Papa to establish the headquarters of Victory Life Ministries International.

Bishop Francis Wale Oke set aside the thought of the place being in the bush and prayed that from there Papa Mike Bamidele would reach the world.

Today, the world gathers at Ilesha because Daddy Bishop Mike Bamidele followed his conviction and the ministry, Victory Life Ministries International has become a global phenomenon.

Dear friend, these issues of conviction happen in a father-son relationship and what we need actually is mutual understanding.

A father should not impose his personal desire on the son. The son also should be able to obey God without violating the authority of the father.

A father for instance should not impose a sister on his spiritual son to marry if the son is not convinced.

As much as there’s that fatherly authority, the son should follow the dictates of his conscience as witnessed to by the Word and the Spirit.

We must always know that the best of spiritual fathers are still human and the best of spiritual sons are still human.

You don’t need to break away from your spiritual father because he “missed” it on one occasion especially if you’re sure of HIS UNDYING LOVE FOR YOU.

But if someone calls himself your father and he starts cursing you, demarketing you, and speaking ill of you, then you have the liberty to CUT OFF.

When fathers play their roles and sons also play their roles in an atmosphere of LOVE and MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING, the Kingdom of God will advance gracefully.

There’s really no need for the fracas, dissension, and disaffection we see in father-son relationships in the Body of Christ today if there’s enough INFORMATION, hence the reason for this humble contribution.

I sincerely hope that this will be a sort of encouragement to someone out there and Christ shall be glorified in all that we do.


I trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?







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