(New Thresholds In Teachings And Preachings)

Teaching is not about PERFORMANCE; it is PARTNERSHIP.

Teaching or Preaching is not about SHOWMANSHIP; it is PARTNERSHIP.

Where does PARTNERSHIP come in here? You PARTNER with the Holy Spirit to disseminate the thoughts of God per time.

Actually, the Word ministry (Teaching and Preaching) is more of an active and intelligent partnership with the Holy Spirit to communicate the eternal counsel of God.

Remove the Spirit factor, and what you have is a shambolic showcasing of emptiness.

The Holy Spirit is very vital and critical to attaining the goal of an authentic New Testament Word ministry.

In this short piece, I will prefer to make reference to THE TEACHING MINISTRY but the same principles apply to THE PREACHING MINISTRY.

So, when I say the teaching ministry, by implication I’m also referring to the preaching ministry.

Of course we all know that to TEACH is to EXPLAIN while to PREACH means to PROCLAIM but we’re looking at the principles that govern a Spirit-inspired Word ministry.

To start with, in teaching, never claim to be wiser than the Holy Spirit; the goal of your sermon is for people to be blessed, built, changed and transformed and the point is that the Holy Spirit knows the people more than you do.

There are certain “ingredients” in teaching that are often used by the Holy Spirit to bless lives, but these are sometimes neglected by ministers.

The fact is that if the Spirit is involved, there’s no aspect of the entire Word ministry that is insignificant – this is a major principle ingrained in an effective Word ministry.

You will realize that sometimes in teaching, what will answer a burning question in someone’s heart may not necessarily be a long exegesis even though he’s thoroughly blessed and ministered to by it, and we should be committed to exegesis.

Now, there are different ingredients in teaching that can be used by the Holy Spirit to bless and transform people’s lives, viz:

  • Illustrations
  • Bible Quotation
  • Scriptural Explanation
  • Prayer
  • Inspired Utterance
  • Personal Testimony
  • References
  • Exegesis
  • A Song
  • Personal Mannerisms
  • Anointed Examples
  • Connectivity With The Audience
  • Etc.

As long as these are administered under the influence of the Spirit and by the direction of the Spirit, they can really bless, touch and transform lives.

Simple illustrations can answer the question in someone’s heart.

A single scripture quoted under the unction of the Holy Spirit can be the key that someone has been looking for.

A Scriptural explanation can throw light in the grey areas that someone has been dealing with.

A prayer raised, whether opening prayer, prayer in the course of sermon or closing prayer can bring succour to someone.

Someone else or the entire assembly can be edified, exhorted or comforted by an inspired utterance/inspiration of the moment during your sermon.

Your personal testimony shared as you sense a leading in that direction can be what someone has been waiting for.

The references you make to other preachers can inspire someone in the assembly for greater exploits.

An exegetical exposition given by the inspiration of the Spirit can rescue someone from the trap of doctrinal error or fatality and set them on the path of doctrinal accuracy.

The song you sing as prompted by the Holy Ghost can be a sort of healing balm to a broken person in the congregation.

Your personal mannerisms displayed under the influence of the Spirit can spark, trigger or consolidate a desire in someone’s heart to be more in love with ministry work.

The anointed examples or what I call prophetic examples you give can actually be a word of knowledge in operation, describing someone’s case in details and ministering to them thoroughly.

And then, your friendliness and connectivity with your audience can make the sermon stick more in their consciousness rather than you speaking from an ivory tower.

The above-mentioned ingredients can also be used by the Holy Spirit in several other ways to bless and minister to God’s precious people.

There are many other ingredients that the Holy Spirit can use to bless the people you’re ministering to.

The key principle here is to be sensitive to the Spirit as you minister the Word.

The Holy Spirit knows the people more than you know them, and each time you partner with Him while teaching, then you will see greater glory.

By God’s Grace, I have many testimonies along this line – people walked up to me to tell me how a particular item in a sermon blessed them greatly. Glory to God!!!

I’m thoroughly convinced that we shall see greater glory as we partner more with the Holy Spirit to minister the Word to God’s precious people.

Remember, TEACHING or PREACHING is neither a PERFORMANCE nor is it a SHOWMANSHIP; it is actually PARTNERSHIP with the Mighty One within us, the Blessed Holy Spirit to communicate the eternal counsel of God.

May our TEACHING and PREACHING ministry receive fresh fire 🔥🔥🔥 from the Throne of Grace today to become a mighty instrument in God’s hand to accomplish His eternal purpose in this end-time.


I trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?







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