A new beginning and a need for wisdom – Deacon Reuben

God is not only interested in lifting you or blessing you, but He is also interested in knowing your capacity to keep these blessings when He does something new in your life.

If you don’t have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to keep this new beginning it might elude you.

Text: Isaiah 43:16-19

God has promised to make a way when there is no way and to bless us, but the question remains, do you have the capacity? Are you ready for it?

Text: proverbs 4:5
You need the Wisdom of God to be promoted, to be preserved, this is a month in which you need to have the wisdom of God with you at all times.

Another name for wisdom is strategy, what will your strategy for this month be? What are the things you have put in place for the month? What are the new connections you are making this month?

God has said He’ll bless the works of your hands but what have you put in place for Him to bless. The God we serve is a God of principles, He will never by pass His principles or His standards just to bless you, it’s left for us to live up to His standards and His principles in order for Him to bless us.

Wisdom is the application of Knowledge in accordance to the will of God. You need wisdom in all areas of life, be it your marriage, career, academics, ambitions, whatever it may be, you will need wisdom to operate!

Every challenge you have is waiting for you to apply wisdom, there is no challenge without solution. Text: proverbs 24:3 Kingdoms are ruled by wisdom.

How do I get wisdom

  1. You get wisdom by giving value, desiring and honoring wisdom and if you do so it will provide itself to you. That is how you earn wisdom
  2. Praying: You get wisdom by praying and asking God for it just like Solomon asked for it from God. 1kings 3:9-12,James 1:5.
  3. By pursuing it: Wisdom will not come and meet you, that you have asked for wisdom is simply not enough, but you have to be intentional about it and pursue it.
    Where to acquire wisdom:

*Wisdom is found in the word of God so if you are pursuing wisdom, you have to be ready to study the word of God to acquire wisdom of God.

  • From the World: You have to be conscious of things that happen around us in the world and you’ll be able to pick up wisdom from certain people and situations in the world.
  • By associating with the right people: You have to ensure that the company you keep and your association with people is that which will give you wisdom and positive influence.
    You can not be relating with every single person you come across, you have to make a conscious effort to chose those you want by your side.

*Pursue wisdom with consciousness of eternity: You have to have the understanding that time waits for no one and don’t live in just anyway which you please, because you never know when time will be up! With this understanding you will live in wisdom.


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