SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the value and the virtue of appreciation

Thanksgiving or appreciation is a virtue; it is proof of good character
The lack of appreciation on the other hand is proof of bad character
It is good manners to say thank you, and it is bad manners not to know how to say thank you
It is good character to appreciate and it is bad character not to appreciate
Thanksgiving is good behaviour
The ability to say thank you to God is proof of righteousness
Thanksgiving/appreciation is proof of godliness


  1. Appreciation is proof of humility (Ps. 69:30, 32)
    1a. You know that you are not responsible for the results you see; that is humility
    1b. You know your limitations as a person
    1c. It also says, ‘I am not ready to take the glory that belongs to another’
  2. Appreciation is proof of faithfulness or trustworthiness (Luke 17:15-19)
    2a. When you appreciate God you are saying to Him that you can be trusted to remain reliable or humble
    2b. Your act of appreciation is a show of reliability and trustworthiness; it is a demonstration of humility
  3. Appreciation is proof of generosity and kindness (Ps. 29:2; 56:4)
    Thanksgiving is a giving
    3a. You are kind and generous enough to give the glory to Whom it is due (Ps. 29:2)
    3b. You are kind, good and generous enough to recognise the One to Whom the honour belongs
    3c. You are good and fair to the One who did it (Ps. 54:6)
  4. Appreciation is proof of unforgetfulness (forgetlessness) (Heb. 6:10)
    4a. You are not in a hurry to forget where you are coming from or how things were before God did it
    4b. You are not suddenly in an arrival mode
    4c. You are sane enough to remember who helped you
  5. Appreciation is proof of honesty (Ps. 29:2; Lam. 3:35-36)
    5a. You are being honest and truthful about the Source of your result (Ps. 29:2; Lam. 3:35-36)
    5b. You are being true to yourself and true to God
    5c. You are not trying to usurp the possession of another
  6. Appreciation is proof of faith (Rom. 4:20)
    The capacity to say thank you proves a man’s faith
    6a. It is knowing that nothing of value or quality happens by accident
    6b. It is knowing and believing that God is a Miracle Worker
    6c. It is knowing and believing that the One Who did the last one will do the next one
    Thanksgiving irrigates and fertilizes your faith


  1. Experiencing new dimensions of God (1Sam. 17:34-37)
    When you appreciate God for what you have seen He will show you what you have not yet seen
  2. Experiencing victory over the enemy (Rev. 12:11)
    Your appreciation is a weapon of war
    Every time you say thank you, you are crushing the head of the devil afresh
  3. Experiencing perfection of results (Luke 17:19)
    When you thank God for the results you see, He takes them unto perfection


  1. For His help (1Sam. 7:12)
  2. For diverse signs and wonders
  3. For the rain of His Word
  4. For the preservation of lives and a distraction-free Conference
  5. For the weight of His Presence
  6. For the transformation of lives

Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, thank You for Your help in the course of the International Ministers’ Flaming Fire Conference, thank You for diverse signs and wonders, thank You for the rain of Your word, thank You for preservation of the lives of participants in the conference and for a distraction-free conference; thank You for the feelable, tangible, and palpable weight of Your Presence, and thank You for the transformation of our lives; to You be all the glory Lord in Jesus’ Name.

As you have come to thank Me, I will surely establish that which I have deposited in you. I will cause you to be a manifestation of My Glory and a sign to your world! I intend that you be an emblem of My Presence to your world. You shall see that indeed I have visited you


  • Every agenda of hell for your life is cancelled!
  • Every obstacle and stumbling block is removed from your life in Jesus’ Name!
  • God will expose you to what you need to fight the battles of life!
  • Revelation will come anywhere you need it!

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