Be careful the fights you join! – Pst. Timothy Bernedict

Some years ago, I wanted to help a woman see my then Senior Pastor for prayers because of the multiplicity of challenges confronting her. She was in her seventies then but was plagued with terrible challenges concerning most of her children. They were battling terrible diseases and calamities.
She was busy caring for adult children that appeared helpless when she should be resting.
As I tried to facilitate the appointment for her, I heard the Spirit of God warn me to leave the woman alone, that “she is reaping what she did to other people’s children”

Now listen!
The evil seeds you sow while seeking for favour and acceptance will come to haunt you when your temporal favour expires!

Many are suffering pains, resistance, stagnation, frustration and disfavour today not because the devil is fighting them but their actions of yesterday are bearing its required fruits.

Be careful the fights you join! Because the fight you help to sustain! Be careful not to engage in words or actions that tear down the Body of Christ, engender strife or enemity amongst brethren. You may glory in your temporal victory now but your pains are waiting for you in future.

Always remember!
Jesus loves the Body! He’s jealous about the Body!
He sees your contribution for or against the Body!

People have failed to study history in other to receive wisdom and caution in their present engagements.

I come in peace!

May God grant you wisdom!


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