WISDOM FOR EXPLOITS – Apostle Joshua Talena

(Ecclesiastes 4:9) Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding

Wisdom is a spirit delivered from observation, education, and impartation for application in any given situation. Wisdom is the application of divine insight that guarantees exploits. Wisdom is the master key to attainment of great heights in life. Any day you attain wisdom, you have the master key for exploits. A man is not deemed to be wise Because of what he knows, a man is wise because of how he applies wisdom. Wisdom is not common sense otherwise everyone will have it. The quality, worth value and wealth of the life you live is predicated by the knowledge you have. When wisdom is on operation in the life of a man, exploits is guaranteed. Wisdom is an imperative necessity for exploits.

Wisdom gives you the heart of a champion. Wisdom gives you the mind to do exploits. Wisdom gives you the spirit of a conqueror. Wisdom is not confirmed in what a man knows but in what he does with what he knows and in the action he undertakes. It is also confirmed in the profits acquired as a result of the action wisdom led him to take (Ecclesiastes 10:10). The difference between failure and success is in the operation of the wisdom at their disposal.

Lack of wisdom is the foundation for regret. Where wisdom is lacking, wrong steps are taking and, takeover is far. Every wrong actions is provoked by ignorance. Solomon took right decision because of the operation of wisdom in his Life.

Beloved, the presence of wisdom is the presence of victory. A man that operates in wisdom is a man that his manifestation in life has been assured. You cannot have Wisdom and be confused in life. Wisdom gives direction. Recieve wisdom for exploits in Jesus name Amen.

Meditation: the profitability of every venture is on the wings of wisdom. When wisdom is in operation in the life of a man, exploits is guaranteed.

RM: Battle for wisdom

Prayer: lord, I need wisdom . Give me wisdom to survive this journey of life in Jesus name Amen.


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