LIVING A POSITIVE LIFESTYLE (2) – Apostle Joshua Talena

(Philippians 4:13) I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Being positive is a mindset and a lifestyle, it is something in life you get to choose. With life, there comes the ups and downs and sometimes the last thing we want to be is positive. It is normal to feel sad when things are bad because we all are human, but be positive even in your frustration. Life should not depend on circumstances-where you live,and what you do for a living. It should depend on a certain attitude and state of mind. You can adopt a positive lifestyle, irrespective of your financial condition, age, work or circumstances.

Beloved, when facing a problem, focus on the solution. Refuse to allow your mind to think of impossibilities. Insist on finding a solution. Acknowledge problems and difficulties, but face them with courage and a positive attitude. Smile more often when in the company of people. They will like you more and you will feel happier, but your smile needs to be sincere, not mechanical. Try to be friendly and kind. This would will help you smile naturally and sincerely. Look around you, and you always find something that can bring a smile to your face. For awhile forget everything that is bothering you and smile. Learn to let go. You waste alot of energy when you attach yourself to the past, to habits that are not useful,and wishing things and people were different. What has happened cannot be undone, so why waste your time and energy over it. It is better and wiser to let go and move on. You need to learn to detach yourself from what is disturbing, bothering or hurting you on your life. This is possible with a little dose of emotional detachment. Do not be afraid to show courage, self-esteem and assertiveness. At the same time, be kind and tolerate towards people.

Child of God, you don’t need money, possession or fame to live this kind of life. However, if you adopt it, and persevere with it, your life would improve, you will become happier, have more friends, and even your financial condition might improve, because you will approach difficulties and problems,goals and dreams in a different and more practical manner.

Meditation: look around you, and you will always find something that can a smile to your face.

RM: positive lifestyle

Prayer: Lord help me to always see the positive side of life ,to declare it claim it and let it come to pass in my life in Jesus name Amen.


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