Don’t look down on people.
Anytime you come in contact with people, look beyond the ordinary and see the greatness embedded in them.

Saul saw himself as an ass chaser but God saw a king in him.
Gideon saw himself as a common farmer but God saw a king in him.

It was Naaman’s house help that connected him to his healing from leprosy by recommending Prophet Elisha to Naaman’s wife.

It was a sick and abandoned slave that helped David to recover all that the Amalek ites stole from him and his people, even after 3 days.

It was a gatekeeper that helped Esther to become a queen by telling her about the beauty contest and coaching her in the process.

It was lepers that became the tool to end 7 years famine in Samaria.

Life is a mystery.

Great things can happen through seemingly small people in life.

That your prayer for connection could be answered through virtually ‘nobodies’.

My brother in-law met a governor of a state through one of the domestic servants of the governor.

That your house help, gatekeeper, messenger in the office could be your access to that great personality.

You are probably just four people away from that great personality that you desire to meet.

That person in his low estate could be the link.

Conclusively, don’t look down on people.
Learn to treat people well and you’ll be amazed at the outcome.

Mfon Udoema


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