WHEN JESUS IS IN YOUR BOAT – Apostle Joshua Talena

Matthew 8:26)….Then he arose and rebuked the winds and the seas, and there was a great calm.

Dearly beloved, in this journey of life, there is only one fellow that can grant you the peace that can bring about good things in life and that is our lord and master, Jesus Christ. In mark 4:35-41), Jesus and his disciples were traveling in a boat. They faced a terrible storm. They feared the storm would lead to the end of their lives, hence they panicked. But there was one man on board who did not panic at all. He seemed unconcerned as he comfortably slept on a pillow in the stern of the boat. They woke him up and wondered why he did not seem concerned about the situation. He in turn focused on the storm and ordered calm. Immediately the storm ceased.

You can imagine what could have happened to them all if Jesus was not in their boat. Below therefore are some of the things we experience when Jesus is in our boat.

  1. The presence of Jesus guarantees peace for He is the prince of peace.
  2. His presence guarantees joy.
  3. His presence guarantees satisfaction.
  4. Long life and riches are with him.
  5. The presence of Jesus guarantees divine solution.
  6. His presence guarantees supernatural lightings.
  7. Sickness and diseases bow before him.

Just like Jesus was not perturbed about the stormy circumstances around him, so he expects every true child of God to behave. I hear Jesus say to you today” peace be still. In this world there are so many trials and temptation and if we do not know who is in the boat it will be a big problem and worse still if you do not have Jesus in your boat, then definitely you will suffer loses, frustration, depression etc. Because His absence introduces the work of the devil.

Child of God, let Jesus be in your boat of life. He will calm any wind , sea and trouble, and you will have peace.

Meditation: Do you have Jesus in your boat??

RM: The Journey of Life

Prayer: O lord I know you are the prince of peace, grant me peace round about in Jesus name Amen.


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