And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place and rest a while: for there were many COMING AND GOING…
Mark 6:31

There were many coming and going, wow!

The above statement implies that many people are not coming to stay for long in your life, they are just coming and going. Stated succinctly, they are ‘coming to go’ and not ‘coming to stay’.

Relationships are integral to human existence.

God will always use human beings to do whatever He wants to do for the benefit of humanity and likewise Satan.

Infact, the devil cannot effectively effect evil against anyone until there is a devil he can use.

Earlier in my life, I use to feel bad, nay, sad when people leave me but now I know better. I use to feel there is something I’ve done wrong for people to leave me. I realized that people will always leave you whether you do what is right or wrong and there are also people that will stay with you till the end, no matter what(this category of people are extremely very few).

People will leave you for various obvious reasons.

The truth of the matter is that most human associations, friendships, relationships and partnerships are founded and predicated on selfish interests and when such interests are no longer accommodated, they leave.

Don’t feel bad when people leave you.

  • Jacob left Laban.
  • Paul left Barnabas.
  • Demas left Paul.
  • The multitudes left Jesus Christ.
  • Your first love left you.


  1. Forgive those that left you when you needed them most.
  2. Don’t harbor hurt, bitterness or ill feeling in your heart against those that left you.
  3. Don’t slide into depression.
  4. Don’t close your heart. Open your heart to new friendships. The best is always ahead.
  5. Please don’t curse those that leave you.
  6. Be careful with those that left you. If you’re betrayed once, shame on the betrayer, shame on him but if betrayed twice by the same person, shame on you.
  7. SUCCEED, SUCCEED, SUCCEED. Success is the sweetest revenge. Success is the best revenge. Never let the people that left you return after some years to still see you in the low estate of life they left you. They will justify their action of leaving you.


  • It’s not every relationship or friendship that is meant to last forever.
  • Don’t hang on to a friendship or relationship that is not working.
  • Be matured to let go.
  • Understand the seasons of life.
  • Succeed and some people that left you will return.
  • Don’t ignore your old friends and associates that have stuck with you through thick and thin to pursue new friendships.
  • Not all that glitters is gold.
  • Continually and continuously add value to your life. Value determines connections.

Mfon Udoema


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