IN A VISION OF THE NIGHT – Evangelist Ikponmwosa Oghogho

Last night I had a dream that got me really thinking when I awoke.

I was inside a Catholic Church and it was an Interdenominational gathering where many Pastors and believers in that Community where gathered.

The meeting was being Presided over by a Catholic Priest (Rev Father).

Suddenly the Spirit of God came upon me and I began to Prophesy.

I have never experienced this heavy Prophetic anointing physically before as I have seen happen to many Prophets in my Local Church (Christ’s Chosen Church of God international)

I have also read where Rev Kenneth E. Hagin described something like this happened to him a few times in some of his meetings.

Although I was still conscious of my surrounding, I was being moved by a supernatural force that engulfed me.

Words were put in my mouth and I just spoke them out.

In the dream it seems it took so long but when I awoke I could recall the major things I said.

These were the words:

Thus Says the Spirit of the Lord

I am sending a revival to my church and you all need to prepare.

However before it becomes a reality, there are three things I want you all to focus on.

  1. Begin to demonstrate love in a very practical way among yourselves.

This is not the love you say with your mouth only but what you demonstrate towards one another by your actions.

This demonstration of love should not have denominational boundaries rather it should be to all believers and by extension all men everywhere.

In order words its time for my body to practically begin to demonstrate love towards one another not along denominational boundaries but without restraint no matter the denomination someone belongs to.

  1. To the Ministers of the Gospel you all need to begin to express love towards one another.

(When I said this out of my mouth I was wandering why God will pass another instruction to love each other to the Ministers)

Then the answer came in the next words I spoke.

You Ministers lead the others and if you practically begin to demonstrate love towards one another irrespective of denominations, the flock will see it and follow your examples.

In the vision, I was surprised that the Rev. Father who was leading the meeting was very open and sensitive to the message.

I wondered how he was able to accept such a Spiritual manifestation which doesn’t happen in the Catholic Church that I know.

It looked like he was used to having such manifestations.

Then the last part of the message came.

  1. Now let my Church begin to give time to prayer and fasting so that the revival that is coming will become a reality and will accomplish my intended purpose.

In that meeting there was a love atmosphere that was beginning to build up beyond denominational lines as the people received the message with all their hearts.

You could feel the love atmosphere building up.

I felt it.

Then suddenly I knew the Prophecy was finished and immediately that heavy anointing lifted from me and I woke up.

I believe this is a message for the Church of Jesus Christ and we need to get back to what he instructed so we can experience the coming revival he is talking about.

I pray that God will give us understanding of this message in Jesus name amen.

August 12/08/2021

Oghogho Ikponmwosa


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