ABC of Courtship – Olumide Fatunsin

ABC of Courtship…

A – Ask God to lead and keep you.

B – Be yourself and behave well.

C – Cancel every counsel of the enemies against your courtship in the name of Jesus.

D – Desire the best and prepare for the best.

E – Express yourself to clear all doubts.

F – Fornication is a grievous sin and destiny waster. Flee!

G – Grow in knowledge. Read good and godly books on marriage.

H – Help? Seek godly counsels from mature believers.

I – In-laws are not demons. Respect and love them.

J – Jesus Christ is interested too. Let Him be your Lord.

K – Keep yourself pure by God’s grace.

L – Limit your visitations. Avoid being together in secret. The flesh is weak.

M – Make plans and deliberate together.

N – Never dismiss any red flag. Act immediately!

O – Openness is the key. Don’t hide any secrets that may affect your marriage in the future.

P – Pray always and for each other.

Q – Questions are allowed. Keep asking and learning.

R – Reason together. Don’t be rigid in your opinion. Listen and be flexible in your approach.

S – Study the Word of God to know His will for you.

T – Temperament is real. Study and improve yours. Be intentional. Smile and be happy. The joy of the Lord is your strength.

U – Understand the purpose of courtship and marriage.

V – Value him/her. Don’t take him/her for granted.

W – Wisdom is profitable to direct. Ask from God.

X – eXtra caution is needful. It can make or mar your life.

Y- Your ministry? Let him/her know. Your relevance is embedded in it.

Z – Zeal is good but patience is equally important. Be patient and trust God as you continue in this beautiful and glorious journey to marriage.

God will guide you and you will marry the right and perfect will of God for your life in Jesus name.

Olumide Fatunsin



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