YOU TOO CAN COME UP – Pst. Timothy Bernedict

Never you forget this, no one is a landlord at the top. Everyone you see at the top either in ministry, business or career will always remain a tenant, they pay rent annually (Discipline, visioning, training, strategizing, focusing, re-evaluating, networking, dedication, passion resilience etc), the day they stop paying their rent, they pack out of the top for new tenants to occupy. The good thing about it however is that, the top is so large that it can take as many people as are willing to pay the rent for the top, that’s why it’s called SPACE. No one needs to come down for you to climb. No one also has the power to stop you from coming up if you are willing and ready to go up.

A common characteristic of the poor is the unconscious thought that someone is responsible for their poverty and the fact that every successful or wealthy person must be doing something evil to succeed. This has conditioned them to a state of learned helplessness, so, they detest, envy and talk down on the successful. This was the case of the paralyzed man at the pool of Bethesda in John five. Jesus asked, “will Thou be made whole?” Instead of answering yes or no, the man went to town to narrate how he had no man. He had conditioned himself based on what he had seen over the years that except you have a man, you can’t get into the pool and until you get into the pool, you can never be healed.

Don’t limit God!

Take Him out of the mould your mind has placed Him.

Get yourself out of the box your situation is trying to place you!

Get your back up the ground of failure and disillusionment!

God does not create failures, men do if you agree!

RUN YOUR RACE, factoring the above dues.

Think possibilities!

See possibilities!

Believe possibilities!

Appreciate those who are willing to help you up, and have no ill feelings for those who seemed indifferent about you- it’s their choice! No one owes you anything!

Celebrate God!

Sow joyfully into kingdom advancement!

If you were not needed here, you wouldn’t have been created, since you have been created, don’t allow your existence to be wasted!

I am on my way up, I hope to meet you there or see you there soonest!







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