Today’s Word: John 14:13 [16/07/2021]

Bible Text:

John 14:13

And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

Today’s Word:

The name, Jesus Christ is undoubtedly the most powerful name because God has highly exalted the personality of Jesus Christ, and given Him the name that is above any other name (Phillipians 2:9). The implication of this order, is that all authority has been given to Jesus Christ, both in Heaven and on earth (Mathew 28:18).

How do we benefit from the name, Jesus Christ?

1. Acknowledgement of the personality of Jesus Christ – Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ asked his disciples, who do you say that I am? This question was so fundamental, because the revelation of the true nature of Christ (Mark 8:27-29), is the key that avails us an unending and unlimited access to God (John 14:6).

2. Absolute reverence for the name, Jesus Christ – The name above every name

The name, Jesus Christ, has been placed above every other name by God (Phillipians 2:9), hence this calls for absolute reverence. It is quite unfortunate that many in this generation make a misuse of this name, but God has promised all those involved in this act, that they will not be held guiltless (Exodus 20:7). What God honors, we must never dishonor, whatever God esteems, we should not hold in disdain.

3. Asking in the name of Jesus Christ, according to the will of the Father

It is important to note that the name of Jesus Christ, was revealed to man according to the will, plan and purpose of God (Mathew 1:21). When the name of Jesus Christ is mentioned, it is an attempt to establish the will, plans and purpose of God in any given situation (Romans 10:13, Mark 16:17). However, it is imperative to be in sync with the will of the Father at all times (John 6:38), that we may receive from God when we ask (James 4:3).

What is our duty?

1. We must acknowledge the personality of Jesus Christ, as our Lord and Saviour.

2. We must develop an unbroken relationship with Jesus Christ.

3. We must apply the name of Jesus Christ with dignity and respect, with the absolute belief in its potency to save us at all times.

Reflection 🤔?

1. Have you given your life to Jesus Christ?

2. Are you maintaining your relationship with Jesus Christ?

3. If Jesus Christ was to appear now, what will be your stand?

God bless you and do have a great day in God’s presence.


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