ENCOUNTER BY WORSHIP – Apostle Joshua Talena

TEXT: PSALM 22:27-29, JOHN 4:23-24

Worship is the mirror in which we see God in our lives and circumstances.
Just like the word of God is our mirror, worship is God’s mirror. God sees himself in our worship, just as we see ourselves in the word. Worship is the story of God we tell over our conditions and situations.

A worshiper is like one who carries a loaded gun.
Worship is the feedback and response of the soul to the almighty and mighty acts of God. Worship is the description of how mighty and gargantuan and big our God is. The greater your perception of him, the deeper your worship of him.
The level of reaction is as a function of your perception of him.

When worship is small, perception is missing. If you are not emotional, you can never be a good worshiper. Worship is the name, title salutation we give God. Whenever we worship God, we differentiate him from other gods and deities.

Worship is the glorification of God as superior to other gods. In worship we receive the concentration of God. Another name for worship is magnifying (bringing the very presence of God to a particular place. Our worship brings everything around us under the lordship of God. Your wall surrenders to the one you worship.

Worship is an atmosphere you create that is concentrated. Anything men bow to, their lives begin to submit to that thing. In our worship, we encounter his rebuke over attack of the devil in our lives. (mark 5:1).

Whenever we worship, we give avenue to the one we worship to have a say in our lives. In our worship every oppression is broken. Worship is the language of heaven. Language unifies.
Worship is the language men speak to God. Worship is the rhythm and melody of the heart. Worship is a spiritual sexual intercourse. Worship gives a deep encounter with God, until you get lost in the spirit. In worship, you encounter the conversion of humanity into his divinity.


1 Encounter of intervention against oppression. (2 chronicles 7:24).
Worship is the highest back to sender prayer. In the spirit of worship back to sender prayer is activated in the place of worship.

2 You encounter healing from affliction.( Matthew 15:21). Sometimes when things become too difficult, switch to worship. Tears only generate compassion but worship compels God.
It is impossible to worship and have no response from eternity. Worship works where tears fail; nothing moves God more than worship. There is a heart that God has and that heart is unlocked by worship. Whenever we gather, as we worship healings take place because worship is a healing balm.

3 To encounter prophetic unction to function. ( 2 kings 3:1). Nothing enhances the prophetic like worship.
When worship is high, the prophetic grace becomes touchable. The voice of heaven travels in the frequency of the sound of worship. ( Revelation 19:10).
When there is an intercourse, men react. When you worship, the spirit of worship is triggered.

4 You encounter the heart of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a department of worship that draws the intention of God. Thanksgiving is giving to God is response of what he has given you. Thanksgiving is the definition of source. Every self-made man suffers the liability of source. When you connect to source, you activate the financial aspect of God. Ingratitude paralysis encounter.
Nobody likes an ungrateful person.
When thanksgiving is your seed, encounter becomes your harvest. ( 1 Sam 21:9).

Nobody can receive everything but everyone has received something.
Thank him for where you are, and then he will take you to where you want to be. Behind every human visibility, there is a human activity. Thanksgiving is what you do to convince God. The battle men fight is activated by their attitude.

Anytime you drop in thanksgiving, God sees your original value. ( Deu 28:47).
Little multiplies in gratitude. Spirits don’t want to know your name but your heart.

5 In worship we encounter deliverance.
Three things must reflect your thanksgiving.
1 your heart
2 your praise/bodily movement
3 your pocket



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