THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 23) – Olumide Fatunsin

On the following day, when Anne and Eddy got to the airport, she met two women at the Flight information display system and an old man checking for the boarding gate. Debby turned and fastened her eyes on Anne but she was oblivious due to the fear of travelling with Eddy.

Debby brought out her phone to confirm through her messages with Lisa. She remembered how during the previous year summer barbeque get-together with their friends that Lisa really missed her daughter. Mrs Janet brought her daughter along who Lisa said resembled her daughter with the visible mark on her chin too. Lisa showed Debby the visible mark on her chin and great resemblance between her and Anne. Debby later requested for the picture in order to be praying for her.

Debby seized the opportunity to talk to Anne who looked troubled when Eddy stepped aside to talk with one of the airport officials.

“Hello, please are you Anne?”

“Yes! What can I do for you?”

“Thank you Jesus! I’m your mother’s friend. Mrs Lisa Andrew.”

When Anne heard it, she signal to her to meet her in the toilet but Debby didn’t understand.

“Ok, let’s go!” Eddy commanded her.

Anne’s countenance changed when her hope was raised meeting her mother’s friend. Eddy didn’t suspect her while she looked back occasionally. Debby knew the Lord orchestrated their meeting and she started praying silently on the way forward. She knew her boss would understand if she explained to her but rescuing her was uppermost on her mind. She quickly brief her boss who promised to wait for her at the boarding gate.

When they reached one of the toilets, Anne requested to ease herself and Debby followed after her. When they met inside, Anne quickly begged her to rescue her. Debby didn’t understand but her insistence on fleeing heightened her curiousity. She thought of how to come out without Eddy noticing them. She immediately called her boss to explain the situation to her. They hatched the plan quickly as she turned back to where they had parted. When she got there, she engaged Eddy by asking some questions about the airport and her flight itinerary when Debby and Anne escaped.

She thanked Eddy when they had escaped. She made a call to Debby to meet at the boarding gate. When Eddy didn’t see Anne after asking two women to help him check inside, he knew she might have escaped again. He began to look around for her whlst pulling their luggage.

Out of excitement, Debby called Lisa to inform her about the miracle of locating her daughter. It was like a dream to her until Debby told her where to meet them and sent their picture to her. Lisa was able to get there on time and Debby handed her over. She almost missed her flight but God’s grace saved her.

It took them some minutes before they could talk as they were in tears after seven years. Anne was in tears all through their journey to the house. Charlie was still in the school when they got home. Lisa couldn’t control her emotion seeing her daughter who was taller than her and lean.

Eddy couldn’t take the flight after
Pascal had threatened to deal with him if he didn’t find his daughter. Eddy was between the devil and deep blue sea. He knew what Pascal was capable of doing and the thought of absconding trailed him like a man tied to a lorry. Pascal aborted his trip with Josephine and came back.

When Charlie came back from school, he was surprised to see Anne sleeping on their bed. Lisa whispered to him to follow him downstairs. Still curious to know who she was, his mother told him she was his sister. Charlie remembered his mother told him about her including her picture but she talked more about his father. They were still talking when Anne came downstairs to meet her brother who was a year old when their father took her sway.

It was a happy reunion for the brother and sister as they hugged each other with joy. Anne couldn’t believe her eyes seeing the little baby who had grown into a big boy. Charlie asked his mother where she had kept her until she became lean. They burst into laughter. Anne watched how he conversed intelligently and dramatically. Lisa couldn’t believe her daughter was sitting inside her house after years of crying, longing and wishing to see her face again.

“Mum, for how long have you been living in this country?”

“Around four years.”

“Four years? We have been staying here for the past two years…”

“With your father?”

“Yes Mum!”

Anne watched her mother as she turned her face to the other side. Charlie asked his mother to look at them but she was in tears. Anne came to sit beside her and hugged her. She began to tell Anne how she has missed them and struggled to raise Charlie alone. Then, Anne held her hand and shared her journey with her father.

“On that fateful day, my father and I…”

To be continued in Episode 24.


Olumide Fatunsin


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