THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 22) – Olumide Fatunsin

Lisa began to think about their testimonies and how she was blessed through the message when they got home. Charlie switched on the television to watch his favourite program. He was about to drop the remote control on the table when his mother’s phone rang. He picked it up and shouted, “Grandpa…Grandpa”.

He spoke with him for some seconds and passed the phone to her. She was glad to hear from her father who was fond of calling her, “Omo ayiye (My good child)”. After exchanging pleasantries, he told her that they have found a real man suitable for her. When she started grumbling, her mother collected the phone from her father,

“What excuse do you want to give us again? You have been saying the same thing over and over again. When are you going to get married? Nicholas hails from a good family. In fact, his mother and I are in the same Christian women group and his father is a retired professor. Even his younger sister is a medical doctor and graduated as the best student. In fact, …”

Lisa cut in, “Mummy! It’s ok. Give me time and I will get back to you. How is everyone at home?”

“Everyone is asking about your marriage. You aren’t growing younger. I have spoken to his mother and she has agreed. I have also given Nicholas your phone number and…”

“Mummy! Why? What’s all the hurry?”

“God has brought Nicholas your way. Your father and I have agreed and I’m sure you won’t go against our wish. Regards to Charlie. Bye… Don’t forget, he will call you…” Her mother ended the call.

Lisa flung her phone on the couch as she stood near the kitchen. She wondered why her parents wanted to force a man on her. She remembered how they once recommended a man to her who ended up being a fraud. Titus ran away with the money she sent home to support her parents and to buy plots of land. Fear gripped her heart when she realised how serious her parents sounded on the phone. She remembered how she suffered when she refused to follow her father’s instructions regarding the choice of friends.

Lilian was her secondary classmate who loved reading novels. Lilian usually visited her family until the day her father warned her to beware. Lisa was shocked to realise her father believed reading novels would corrupt her. All her attempts to persuade her father failed but she later did otherwise. Her father turned a blind eye until she began to have nightmares. She was introduced to occultic books by Lilian who later confessed she belonged to Young Girls Blood World (YGBW). She suffered before she was delivered by one of their neighbours who was a believer in Christ Jesus. Her father’s intention was good but that created subtle fear in her that she dared not disobey her father for whatever reason.

After three days, Debby came to visit and encourage her through the Bible. Lisa asked her some questions based on the book of John Debby suggested to her.

“Debby, I was surprised to read about Jesus’ attendance in a wedding ceremony in chapter 2. I could imagine how the couple felt when the wine finished. I don’t seem to get any inspiration from it. Is it just a normal story or is there any spiritual lesson from it?” She asked passionately.

“Lisa, this event marked the beginning of Jesus’ miracles and showed the importance of marriage in the plans of God for His children. He is interested in the joy of His children and he’s ready to supply more wine of joy, peace, forgiveness, understanding, selflessness, love, sincerity and truth in every home. When the wine finished, he supplied new and better wine…”

“Yes, that part touched me. If Jesus wasn’t there, what would have happened?” Lisa interjected.

“It showed Jesus’ love and willingness to help any family who is struggling or in trouble. They called upon him and he answered and then beautified their lives. He is willing to do the same today because the Bible says in Hebrews chapter 13 verse 8 that Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever. He still has the same power today to mend every broken marriage or family if they can acknowledge and call upon him.” Debby explained.

“You mean he can repeat what he did during the marriage ceremony in Cana of Galilee?”

“Yes! He desires peace and joy in every family and relationship. In fact, he is ready to heal every broken-hearted man or woman. He is able to do all things.”

“Including my marriage? Can he do it again? Can he restore everything that I have lost?” Lisa asked.

“Yes! He is a loving and faithful Father.”

Lisa bowed her head briefly and looked at her friend who was patient listening to her,

“I want my husband and my daughter back. I can’t wait to see the answer to my prayers. My parents want to force a man on me but my spirit repels it. You said God can do all things? Then, I believe him.”

Debby prayed for her and earnestly asked God to look favourably upon her. As they were eating, Debby reminded her of her conference in Buenos Aires and promised Charlie to buy something for him. When she left, Lisa began to pray to God based on the book of John chapter 2 and asked God to beautify her life and family. She continued to pray for her husband and daughter pleading for God’s mercy to locate them. She further asked God to help her to forgive him completely and restore peace into her life.

On the following day, Debby got to the airport early and met her boss at the designated place. As they stood in front of the Flight information display system to check for the gate, she saw …

To be continued in Episode 23.


Olumide Fatunsin


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