Faithful Man – Pst. Philip Okwe

Key Scripture: 6 Prov 20:6

When someone is faithful, he’s someone whose action is consistent with what is expected of him. Someone who places his hand on the plough and doesn’t look back.

Do we still have faithful men? God is looking for faithful men. He desires faithfulness and He is a rewarder of those that are faithful. God has placed you on earth as a steward.

As a father, you are a steward. Col 3:21-22
God requires that in whatever capacity that God has placed you, He demands stewardship. Faithfulness is a fundamental ingredient of character. What areas God expects you to be faithful.

  1. Faithfulness to Him. Heb 11:16
    How faithful are you to things that concern God? What is your attitude towards the things that concern Him, including your covenant practices and commitments? It is easy to be distracted. Can you boldly say that you faithfully study His word? If you can’t be faithful to God, how can you be faithful to man?
  2. Faithfulness to your country, state, leadership and community.
    What have you done as a man to contribute to the growth of the community you are found in.
  3. Faithfulness to systems. Luke 16:12
    God expects you to be faithful to the systems that He has placed you in.
    I. To your church: As a man, you have to be faithful to your church and the pastors that He has placed over you.
    II. At your office: How faithful are you to your workplace, jobs and businesses? Can you really say you have added value to your organisation where you are found?
  4. To your family: How faithful are you in providing for your children and family?

1 Tim 5:8 You have to be conscious as a man to instill godly values in even the spouse and children that God has given you. God expects us to be faithful to our spouses. You can also commit immorality with your emotions? Your involvement in the things of God has to be evident. You must be a provider. You must be a protector. You must be the defender of your home. You mustn’t be an absentee father. Your child should look up to you for godly values.You need to be conscious and deliberate. If you are an absentee father, the world will train your child.

  1. Faithfulness in relationships. Ecc. 5:4
    You must always redeem vows and be accountable to your responsibilities. How faithful are you to your contractual relationships and the obligations that your relationships places on you. We need to be careful to the commitments that we make as men, and learn to redeem them. Characteristics of faithful men
  2. He is not lazy and slothful. Prov 9:24
  3. He doesn’t dishonour his parents. Prov 9:26
  4. Rejects ungodly counsel. Heeds to godly counsel. Psalm 1:1-3
    Who is your greatest adviser? Are they godly or ungodly?
    Who do you run to for counsel?
    Thank God for our father in the Lord. He’s so endowed with godly counsel.
  5. His yes is a yes and his no is a no. Matt 5:37
    You can’t be saying yes to a thing your heart is saying no to. It doesn’t speak of faithfulness.

He is a yes for yes man. This applies to all areas of a man’s life, even to his children. Teach them the value of saying yes to only the things that their heart is saying yes to.

  1. Not an ungodly witness.
  2. A faithful man is not a rebel to authority, whether in church, at the office or to the government of the day.
  3. A faithful man doesn’t meddle in strife. Prov 20:3. As men, we are not supposed to live a life of competition.
  4. He isn’t deceitful. 1 Peter 3:10
  5. A faithful man is not double-minded
  6. A faithful man is sacrificial and obedient. Phil 2:4
  7. He is faith-led.

3 benefits of faithfulness

  1. God will be faithful to a faithful man. And God becomes his rewarder.
  2. Luke 19:17. A faithful person in little will be faithful in much, and God will take from the unfaithful and give you who is faithful.
  3. A faithful person transcends generation. Your rewards rubs off on even your children.

Areas where you need to make amends as a man, you should make amends.


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