1. A son ABIDES in the house forever – No one changes their spiritual father casually. Suddenly some ‘discover’ new things about their spiritual father and then they change their spiritual father. A son does not hold issues in his heart against his spiritual father. Satan operates in disorder, while God operates in accordance with set order.

Be that son who is ready to pass through thick and thin with his spiritual father. Don’t be a son who speaks against his father. Bastards are on rampage COVER YOUR HEAD!

  1. A son HONOURS his Father – If you want to be a productive father, honor your spiritual and biological father. The son that honors most is the first son. Honor determines your ranking. Honor for every son must be a lifestyle. Cover the weaknesses of your father.
  2. A son RESEMBLES his Father – The Fatherhood task cannot be performed by any man until the man himself is engraced to so do. No technique exists for this enormous role. The ability for it has to be imparted upon you

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