(Frank Talk)

By Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

The “choice” of WHO TO BE or WHO NOT TO BE one’s spiritual father is one that has caused a lot of pains and heartaches for many young ministers today, and lots of them are still reeling in the injuries caused by such spiritual miscalculation.

Issues like this are not what we should feign ignorance of in the Body of Christ because if not handled properly with the wisdom of God, it can breed offences and limit the full expression of one’s ministry.

While a young minister MUST HONOUR those who are above him in ministry and act in consonance with same philosophy, he must not however become a victim of intimidation, manipulation and control in ministry.

Everyone has a right to hear the voice of God and listen to the Holy Spirit, and there must be that liberty of the Spirit to follow the dictates of one’s conscience.

It is until then that the true purpose of father-son relationship can unleash its rich potentials to the advancement of the cause of the Kingdom.

In most cases, the fault is the young minister’s when it comes to the “choice” of a spiritual father.

Among other indices and parameters peculiar to each person, here are some common mistakes young ministers make in “choosing” who their spiritual fathers should be.

They choose:

(1) A popular minister who doesn’t have time for them.

(2) A minister who commands great crowds in terms of congregational strength.

(3) A minister who is rich and opulent in terms of financial and material resources.

(4) A minister who has large networks and strong connections so that he can connect them in ministry.

(5) A minister who has great “revs” in terms of the Word ministry.

(6) A minister who manifests great “flows” of the Spirit in terms of signs and wonders.

(7) A minister who has spent decades upon decades in the work of the ministry.

(8) A minister who has an air, class and status in the society.

(9) A minister who has travelled far and wide especially internationally.

(10) A minister who has a Radio ministry, TV ministry or any other formidable platform of ministry.

(11) A minister who has enough charisma to command attention within Church circles and social space.

(12) A minister with heavy protocols around him so they can boast that their spiritual father has a very strong weight in ministry.

Plus Lots More!!!

Now I will need to balance this; I never said that any minister with the aforementioned qualities cannot be a good spiritual father. No No No!!!

As a matter of fact, there are many genuine spiritual fathers with the aforementioned characteristics (plus genuine fathering tendencies and qualities) yet their spiritual sons and daughters are happy being under their apostolic covering.

This piece is directed at young ministers who make the aforementioned the bases for “choosing” a spiritual father without looking at the issue very objectively and holistically.

Actually, you CANNOT get to “CHOOSE” your spiritual father by your own strength; you will need to rely on the Holy Spirit for direction.

However, no matter what anyone claims that God spoke to him about his spiritual father, certain qualities have to be in place because the Holy Spirit Himself cannot lead you into error or danger.

Anytime you see any of these below-stated traits in a supposed spiritual father, know for sure that you’re in the wrong hand because the Word of God takes precedence over any other consideration.

The following are attributes of someone who CANNOT be your spiritual father:

(1) Anyone who doesn’t believe in you or in the grace of God upon your life.

(2) Anyone who is jealous of you and enters into competition with you.

(3) Anyone who talks you down, discourages, demoralizes and discourages you.

(4) Anyone, who rather than correct and discipline you in love, rain curses on you and your generation.

(5) Anyone who cannot publicly identify with you but has private “relationship” with you.

(6) Anyone who doesn’t have “time” for you.

(7) Anyone who always forgets your details – your name, the name of your ministry and other vital details.

(8) Anyone with untamed anger and who vents that anger on you regularly.

(9) Anyone who publicly disgraces and exposes your weakness to the public.

(10) Anyone you’re always afraid to talk to – no sense of belonging and no sense of camaraderie.

(11) Anyone who wishes you to crash in ministry because of your silly mistakes.

(12) Anyone who speaks glowingly about you in your presence but stabs you at the back in your absence.

Plus Much More!!!

If these points that I have highlighted describe your situation, I’m sorry, my Brother, verily verily I say unto you, you have entered “one chance” but God is rich in mercy.

I’m not “forming” these points from a vacuum Sir and Ma. By God’s Grace, I am also a young minister and I’m close to 20 years of ministry.

I have seen these things play out. I have seen young ministers with heavy burdens on their hearts over the years and I know what it means when a young minister is a victim of wrong spiritual fathering.

From all Scriptural intents and purposes, and from ideal ministry experiences as validated by Scriptures, among other things, your spiritual father is:

(1) One to whom you’re led of the Lord.

(2) One who has spiritual authority over you.

(3) One with whom your spirit connects.

(4) One who LOVES you genuinely and has your time.

(5) One whose words mould your destiny.

(6) One who prays and travails in prayer for you regularly.

(7) One who does not hesitate to rebuke, reprove, reprimand and correct you in love when you err.

(8) One who has time to listen to your burdens and takes up same in the presence of God.

(9) One who doesn’t just advise but instructs you in the spirit of love and meekness.

(10) One who will not desert you when the going gets tough.

(11) One who honours the grace of God upon your life and WILL NEVER talk you down.

(12) One with whom you have a sense of freedom and to whom you have unfettered access.

Plus Much More!!!

These are things to look out for, rather than some carnal considerations.

Perhaps the feature that stands out the most is that YOUR FATHER LOVES YOU and he will not do to you what love will not do.

By God’s Grace, I didn’t fall from Heaven. I am a product of sound and genuine spiritual fathering.

I have a father and his name is PASTOR PETER OLUBUKOLA MORAKINYO and we’re so close just like the cloth I’m wearing.

We relate in love. We talk and laugh together, yet when it comes to fatherly instructions, corrections and impartations, the word comes with fatherly authority but laced with the love of Christ.

By the same token, I’m also privileged to have sons and daughters in ministry.

We talk virtually every day. We flow together. We laugh together, but when it comes to ministering to them, especially IMPARTATIONS, even the devil and all his demons know that THE BLESSING IS IRREVERSIBLE.

As I close, it’s important to state that in all shades of ministry relationships (vertical or horizontal dimensions), MUTUAL HONOUR is key.

If the HONOUR is not MUTUAL, then you can as well forget about the relationship.

It is my candid opinion, strong observation and considered perspective that most rifts and “fracas” in ministry relationships today have their root in the wanton and wholesale violation of THE PRINCIPLE OF MUTUAL HONOUR.

I trust God to give HEALING to the wounded; LEADING to those are crossroads and LIFTING to the Body of Christ as a whole.

We can do better and bring great honour and glory to the Name of the Lord if father-son relationship in the Body of Christ is treated with Scriptural balance.

I trust this made little sense Sirs and Mas?

May the Lord help us all!


Grace Abounds!!!






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