THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 18) – Olumide Fatunsin

Debby’s mother, who wanted to please her husband pleaded with her daughter to obey him. Despite his refusal to sponsor her education, she still stood her ground. However, her maternal Uncle came to her rescue until she entered the university. It was during her University education that her mother fell sick. In an attempt to cater for her, she sought for financial support from friends and relatives. Her father refused to lend a helping hand because of her refusal to renounce her belief in God

Debby couldn’t stand seeing her mother’s deteriorating health. One of her father’s friends who promised to help later slept with her. It was a painful period in her life that left an indelible impression on her. Eventually, her mother was able to stand on her feet again. The unfortunate experience with him led her into the journey of sinful pleasures. God’s mercy finally located her during her final year and she was able to regain her spiritual strength again.

Within three years, she got a scholarship to study abroad. After her Master’s program, she got a job in a reputable company. It was in a supermarket she met Lisa and young Charlie when she offered to help with her shopping bags. Their friendship clicked and blossomed into a cordial relationship. Debby shared her life story with her and how Jesus Christ saved her. However, Lisa had a contrary view that God isn’t mindful of his creations. She believed God shouldn’t have allowed her to undergo emotional stress in her family if He is indeed a good God as she claimed.

Thereafter, Charlie changed his position on the bed and they watched him how he smiled in his sleep. Debby asked Lisa again,

“Will you accept Jesus Christ into your life? He is ready to transform you and your family. He is a good God.”

“You never cease to amaze me. God will turn my family around for good? At least you know my story. My husband left me and abandoned us here. I hate him!”

Debby asked her passionately, “Do you still want to continue carrying your pain around?”


“Then, someone is willing to help you.”

Lisa looked at her again.

“God is willing to help me? Are you sure?”


Debby went to bring her bible from the guestroom. When she came back, she opened first John chapter 1 verse 9 to her.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Lisa fastened her eyes on the Bible verse and then collected it to meditate on it. Debby watched her as tears filled her sorrowful eyes.

“He is faithful? Is God truly faithful?”

“Yes!” Debby nodded with a smile.

“Will he heal my broken heart?”


She paused for a while.

“Can he give me a new beginning?”

“Yes, He is willing to help you. Let’s pray together.”

She asked her to repent and confess her sins to God. Then, Lisa began to cry to God who had been waiting for her. Later, Debby asked her to confess after her,

“Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you and accept you as my Lord and Saviour. I will serve you by your grace…” Lisa confessed and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Debby prayed for her with tears of joy and encouraged her to cleave unto God. Lisa in turn promised to continue with God in this new journey of faith. She also confessed to Debby that she had secretly envied the joy and peace in her life. Then the first alarm went off at exactly 5 am but Lisa stopped it. Debby told her it was time to regain her lost hours of sleep but her new found joy wouldn’t allow her.

“I’m so happy to receive Jesus into my life. I don’t feel the heaviness on my head again. I’m at peace with God.”

Debby rejoiced with her again and rose up to leave.

“Today is Saturday and we will have enough time to study the Bible together. Thereafter, I will go to the church for choir rehearsal.”

“I will attend your Church tomorrow.” Lisa exclaimed.


“I will attend your church tomorrow.” She repeated.

Debby wondered at the power of God’s salvation. She remembered how she immediately joined a church when she gave her life to Jesus. She couldn’t hide the joy and the longing to hear more about God and her new faith. She promised to take them along.

The day passed quickly and Lisa told her son of her decision to attend a church on the following day. Charlie was surprised and asked her,

“Will God not kill you if he finds you in his house?”


“Mum, you once told me God doesn’t care for us. Why do you want to visit him?”

She smiled and told him she knew better and had committed her life to him. He blinked his eyes when he saw the joy on her face.

“Mum, am I going to meet Dad there?”

Lisa got a cold feet when she saw his eyes begging for an answer. When she rose up to go to the kitchen, Charlie…

To be continued in Episode 19.


Olumide Fatunsin


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