1. Don’t ever use current situations to make permanent decisions
  2. Never take your current situation as your final condition
  3. The wrong decision can lead to irredeemable losses
  4. Beware of the names and the words you use – identity can affect destiny
    Elimelech had a good name but gave very bad names to his children Elimelech – God is King
    Machlon – Sick
    Kilion – drying up
    Ruth – friendship
    Naomi – pleasant
  5. No matter your current situation, if you maintain Divine connection you can expect Divine visitation (Ruth 1:6)
    Never relocate except by revelation because your provision is not necessarily in a destination but in a revelation
    Submission –> If God can release and restore Ruth, there is nobody that is beyond release and restoration, no matter what is holding you!


  1. Ruth was an indigene of a cursed tribe – a tribe under the curse of God (Deut. 23:3)
    If a witch or wizard curses you, a pastor can break it but if God curses you, who can break it?
  2. Ruth was married into a family with a spell or curse of premature death
  3. Ruth was a victim of a fruitless and barren marriage that lasted for ten years
  4. Ruth was a victim of widowhood
  5. Ruth decided to relocate to the land where she knew nobody
    This relocation was based on a passion for God, it was not aimless relocation
  6. Ruth was a victim of perennial poverty


  1. Passion for the God of Israel (Ruth 1:16)
  2. Commitment and loyalty in relationship (Prov. 17:17; 18:24)
    When you are a friend indeed a major bulk of your destiny is covered because what you sow in life you reap in time
    Your actions will determine your outcome in life (1Sam. 2:3)
  3. Sensitivity to Divine destiny connection
    Ruth understood that God does not bring people together by chance or for fun
    Pastor, God did not bring you to Dunamis for work, He brought you here because of destiny. To look at your assignment with a sense of job means you can be paid off, but those that understand that the connection here is a sense of destiny, they can be raised up!
    When you are destiny conscious you are not easily offended
  4. Aggressive diligence and hard work (Ruth 2:1-2)
    Don’t ever let any problem render you useless; don’t ever let any challenge in your life make you lazy
    Your destiny is to make impact despite your setback
    If you have a setback but refuse to take a step back, then that setback is a setup for a step up!
    When you accept responsibility you are positioned for opportunity but when you refuse to take responsibility you may die as a liability
  5. Faith, trust and confidence in the God of Israel (Ps. 34:5; Ruth 2:12)
    Those who stay with God don’t know shame (Ps. 34:5)
    We need to become more rugged – don’t apologize on the behalf of God!
  6. The character of love and kindness (Ruth 3:10; 4:15)
    Don’t let your femininity affect your productivity and impactability
    Walk in love towards the people of your household
    Let the people of your house feel God in love and kindness and no devil can shut your destiny
  7. Dogged submission to mentoral instruction (Ruth 3:1-5)
  8. Integrity and quality character (Ruth 3:10-11)
    Integrity is the sustainer of destiny


  1. Restoration of what belongs to you that the devil took from you
  2. The release of what is yours that you are not even aware of


  1. Ruth married the mighty man of wealth called Boaz (Ruth 2:1)
  2. Ruth became the owner of the field she was once begging from
  3. Ruth became the master of those who once pitied her
  4. Ruth became the first woman to have a chapter of the Bible named after her
  5. Ruth became the third woman in history to be found in the genealogy of Jesus
  6. Ruth finally escaped the trap of barrenness (Ruth 4:13)
    Your future is in the hands of God; your history cannot define your destiny.
  7. Ruth became an Israelite by the force of choice (Ruth 1:6; Matt. 1:5)
    There is nothing you cannot become if you align with God

Father, help me to be more useful to my generation; let my life be a point of contact to the rescue and deliverance of people; let me not be helpless in the face of human challenges in Jesus’ Name (Obad. 1:21)

Father, what You did with Ruth, the destiny restoration, and the destiny release, do it with my life, oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Oh God of restoration, oh God of visitation, encounter me tonight, Oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Oh God to Whom vengeance belongs show Yourself against killers and terrorists in every country represented here; show Yourself, oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, every loved one of anyone here that is in captivity, in the hands of the enemy, we decree today, they are released NOW in Jesus’ Name.


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