The Praise of Faith (Pt. 1&2) – Pst. Timothy Bernedict

Text: Psalm 106:7-12, 2 Chorincles 20:21-24

What is praise?
Praise is a product of your belief which is driven on the platform of relationship and fueled by value, understanding and deep revelation of the capacity of Him whom you have come to believe.

Praise is a major ingredient of faith. Praise isn’t like the caboose that just follows the train but it’s more of the engine of a train that makes things happen.

It is the voice of praise that shows the presence of faith.

Praise is a therapy.

Key Thoughts:

  1. Praise functions as a lubricant needed for the full functionality of our faith.(Psalms 22:3)
  2. Praise is a detox and atomsopheric cleanser that repels, fear, doubts, depression and anxiety.(Psalms 94:19)
  3. Your faith is not complete without praise (Colossians 2:7)
  4. When you pray, you engage God’s faithfulness but when you praise you invite his presence.
  5. The praise of faith balances the scale for the delivery of your expectations.( Philippians 4:6)

What is the Praise of Faith:

1.Praise of Faith is a praise done in the midst of life’s battle and confrontations.( 2 Chronicles 20:20-22)

Until your faith is tried it is not yet genuine.

The trial of faith may be normal but victory in trial takes responsibility.

2.The Praise of Faith is praise done in the midst of scarcity.(Psalm 67:5,7)
The revelation of your action determines your outcome.

Praise of faith demands high level of intentionality and conscious effort if you must reap the harvest.


  1. We praise God to confirm our belief in God’s promises (Pslam 106:12)
  2. To express our appreciation to God in advance of our expectations (John 6:11)
  3. To confirm the liveliness of our hope
  4. To announce our refusal of defeat to the enemy.
  5. To express our confidence in the faithfulness of God (Pslam 103:1-5)

*If you want to enjoy heaven on earth create an atmosphere of praise.

Our parise of faith will get our focus on God as you start praising God in the midst of our problems, they disappear.

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