This is a Season of Favour – Pastor Ayo Adun

Favour is you enjoying things that are not your right.God wants you to enjoy out of the abundance of His goodness. There’s no distance too far for God to bless you. He’s the God of the whole earth. Anything you can anticipate, you can become. If it’s not to big for you to imagine, you become.

What makes you enjoy favour?

You can’t walk in favour with man, until you’ve found favour with God. The easiest way is to look for favour with God.
You will only be wasting time, trying to influence people with your grammer when you have not found favour with God. The secret for men to favour you is for God to first favour you. You’ve got to be on the same side with God.

Coming to church does not cut it. There are people at home right now that are worshipping God more than the people in church. There’s no better church that you can be than this church if you want to find favour. What God has given us to do as a church is what leads to our glory. Connecting to favour in a church like this is so easy.

Next week, we are having a medical outreach with up to 8 doctors.
How else do you want to connect to the favour of God if you cannot connect to God? It’s not God you are waiting for because God is waiting for you. My desire as a pastor is to have the most impactful church in this city.

You need to connect to God by loving people. God lives in people. In the garden of Eden, what was termed sin was Adam and Eve’s seperation from God.
You can’t afford to hold malice with anyone if you have this understanding, because you have a superior revelation. If you love your blessing enough, you won’t let what people do to you make you walk in malice and grudge.

I want to talk to you about The Struggle To Love Other People That You Must Overcome

There are many things people are doing that are the doctrine of men.

Zechariah 5:1-2
How do you walk in favour with God when you have decided to bring sorrow to someone else?

The Struggle that stops you from loving others, you must resist it. You must fight it and win it.
If you don’t win it, you cannot walk in favour with God.

3 things that will make you struggle to walk in love.

  1. When people talk and you don’t listen. Every struggle you have with man, you will have with God.

You need to change, because the more you accommodate others, the more God accommodates you.

  1. When you don’t respect other people’s opinions.

Everyone has something to say, and you’ve got to respect that.

1 Cor 12:23…This is how the kingdom works.

God gives more attention to the lowly people, the little children.
Most of us only give attention to people that we think are the big men, forgetting people that we think don’t matter. You must have time for even the lowly.

God says if you do the things He does, the way He does them, He will bless you. The aim of bringing you this word of God is because of these things I tell you. Every opportunity that you see to bless people, that you turn away from, is you losing out on an opportunity for God to bless you.

We are too much in love with ourselves. As long as you keep on loving yourself above others, you will struggle. You need the right mentality. God wants to have a set of genuine people that can still represent Him. If you are a right vessle, great things will come out of your life.

Most struggle because they are afraid of what others will say, comments others will make.

Perfect love casts out fear. 1 John 4:18
Most struggle to love because they are afraid. Afraid of negative comments, negative reactions. But we can’t let what we are afraid of not make us walk in love.

Continue to walk in love, even as Jesus walked in love, because love is the nature of Christ, and is our nature.

Our outreaches are still on, and we are calling for new partners.
Old partners should please also endeavour to redeem their commitments.

The last Sunday of the month thanksgiving for the month of May has been moved to the first Sunday of June. This is provisional.

We trust you’ve been blessed by the word.

Have an amazing week ahead.

We Celebrate You!!!🥳🥳🥳

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