THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 15) – Olumide Fatunsin

“B…u…l…g…a…r…i…a” She responded and then fainted.

“Bulgaria?” Anne whispered.


Anne turned suddenly to see who answered and she saw her father.

“Do you think you are smart?” Pascal boasted.

Before she could say anything, she was overpowered by Paco. She struggled to free herself from his masculine grip but there was no way.

Pascal went to carry Josephine who was still unconscious and put her on the bed in the guest room. She tried to talk to him but slept off.

He closed the door and came back to the control room.

“You are my daughter and I am more experienced than you. What are you up to?” He told her while holding the duplicate keys and cards.

“You are a disgrace! You locked me up for refusing to continue your dirty business. I hate you, Dad!” She responded angrily.

Pascal looked at her angrily and commanded Paco to lock her up again. She struggled violently against him and began to cry aloud,

“Bulgaria…Code 003…Argentina…Code 159…”

Pascal turned sharply and told Paco to hold on. He moved near to know what she was trying to say.

“How did you get the codes?”

Anne hissed and steadfastly looked at the vault.

“One more thing; if you don’t release me, all your secrets will be revealed to the police. I promise you.”

Pascal was unperturbed by her threat but asked her to tell him more about the codes.

“The time is twenty five minutes past eleven. I need to go and sleep.” She said with an urgency in her voice.

She struggled to leave the room but Paco pulled her to stay still. Pascal went to open the vault and to confirm if everything was intact. Unfortunately, he forgot to turn on the desktop computer.

“You will be released on one condition: You must travel to Argentina this weekend.” He said with the tone of final authority.

Anne smiled and looked straight at him, “You need to cool your feet in the police net. Enough of your dirty game. I am not going anywhere!”

Pascal signalled to Paco to bring the special file from the library. Before Paco returned, he moved closer to her and persuaded her to go for this special assignment but she still adamant.

Soon, Paco arrived with the red file with “Geheim” written on it.

Pascal opened it carefully and brought out some exhibits. He showed them to his daughter who was shocked to see them.

“Now, will you go?” He asked her.

Anne who was still shocked responded calmly, “I will go.”

“That’s my good daughter. Be ready to go with Eddy this weekend.”

With this order, Paco left and kept her in the special cell. He watched her through the CCTV in his room but the pain he sustained through the brawl with her was becoming unbearable.

However, Anne lay on the bed ruminating on what her father told her and how to escape his hand.

She tried her first trick. She rose up and pretended to open the door. Immediately, Paco came in and warned her against taking any action. As he was leaving, he staggered with pain on his head.

“There is still hope.” She whispered as she sat on the bed reading a beauty magazine.

After 30 minutes, she tiptoed to the door and opened it gently. There was no movement and she thought everyone might have gone to sleep.

A flash of thought crossed her mind about her deceitful father who hardly sleep between 12 midnight and 2 am. She shrugged it off.

She managed to reach the ground floor after scaling the security door. She paused and hid behind a pillar when she heard faint sound of footsteps.

After a while, she opened the main door and closed it with much caution. As soon as she turned to go to the main gate, the darkness turned to light and there appeared…

To be continued in Episode 16.


Olumide Fatunsin

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