BookChallenge: Praying Successfully – Charles Spurgeon [ Final Lesson]

Final Lessons From The Book – PRAYING SUCCESSFULLY

1. The key to prayer is not in the mere repetition of a prayer as a sort of charm or a kind of religious witchcraft, but in presenting our requests in simple natural language.

2. Pray a believing prayer, and leave yourself in His hands. Your role is to call on God, His part is to answer.

3. Call on the true God, not on idols, not on the Virginia Mary, not on any Saint, living or dead, but on the true God. Call upon Him who manifested Himself in the person of His dear son, for whoever calls upon this God will be saved.

4. The knowledge of God is key at the place of prayer. The more you know about the Lord, the better you know His name. If you know about His power, you will call upon that power to help you. If you know about His mercy, you will call upon that mercy to save you. If you know about His wisdom, you will have the knowledge that He knows your difficulties and can help you through them.

5. Do not quarell with your maker. To contend with one’s benefactor is foolishness. We must contend with ourselves and pick a desperate quarrel with our own pride, rather than having a shade of strife with the Lord.

….”How can a person call upon God if he has not heard of Him, and if the person has heard, his calling will be in vain if he does not believe as well as hear” – Charles Spurgeon.

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