THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 12) – Olumide Fatunsin

Lisa pointed the knife in a defensive position and moved closer to have a proper look. As soon as she reached the bookshelf, someone came out of the kitchen.

Lisa turned and was shocked when she saw Debby came out of the kitchen with a napkin and a bowl in her hand.

“Debby, why did you come at this time of the night?” Lisa asked and dropped the knife on the bookshelf.

“I promised to come to your house when I called in the evening.” Debby responded without looking at her.

Debby went towards the bookshelf and began to dress Ben’s wounded leg.

When Lisa saw her action, she pushed her aside.

“Debby, how dare you! He almost raped me!”

“But he is sorely wounded and out of his mind.” Debby said as she continued dressing his wound.

Lisa went inside the kitchen angrily and brought a bowl of water.

“Ben…Ben…Here is your own punishment for entering my house uninvited.” She poured the water on him and hissed.

Debby couldn’t respond but went to the kitchen to bring a mop and clean the floor.

Charlie stood on the staircase watching the drama in the living room. He was thirsty and wanted to tell his mother another scary dream he had.

As Lisa sat on the sofa fuming and chiding her friend for her unusual kindness, Debby rose up from dressing Ben who was still asleep and saw Charlie.

“How are you my boy?” Debby greeted Charlie who was staring at her as if she was a thief.

“Oh…Oh…Ben is now your boy?” Lisa asked.

“I love you my darling.” Debby expressed joyfully.

“Debby, are you out of your mind? Do you want to marry Ben? Are you for real?” Lisa asked sarcastically.

“Come and hug me.” Debby asked with her arms wide opened.

Lisa who was still annoyed rose up to challenge her,

“Debby, are you OK? Are you in love with Ben? Just tell me.”

“No, Charlie is waiting to be hugged.” Debby said with a smile.

She turned and saw Charlie still standing on the staircase.

She ran to meet him and then hugged him. However, Charlie pushed her aside and ran downstairs.

Lisa who was a bit surprised ran after him to know the reason for his awkward action.

Charlie came to where Ben lay. He looked at him for some seconds and went to remove the key from the door.

“What are you doing, Charlie?”

He didn’t answer his mum but went to place the key beside him.

Debby and Lisa looked at each other surprisingly. Thereafter, Charlie tapped him to wake up.

Ben jerked a bit and rose up with much trouble. Lisa stepped back while Debby and Charlie helped him to stand on his feet.

“Where is my chocolate?” He stretched out his hand towards Ben.

Ben looked at him and rubbed his eyes with his two hands in order to see clearly.

“Which chocolate are you talking about?” Lisa yelled.

Charlie bent down to pick the key and raised it before him.

“If you don’t give me the chocolate, I won’t open the door for you again.”

It now dawned on his mother why she found the key in his pocket.

“Ben, leave! I say, leave!” She shouted on him not minding the hour of the night.

Ben staggered as he reached for the main door while holding his heavy head. Debby helped him and locked the door after him.

Before Lisa could rant again, they heard a gunfire. Charlie screamed out of fear, Debby jumped on the sofa but Lisa …

To be continued in Episode 13.

Olumide Fatunsin

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