In the last episode, we established the importance of revelation, with respect to the role it plays in giving instructions and directions to an individual, with the aim of accomplishing an assignment, or fulfilling a desired purpose.

On today’s episode, we would be discussing, yet another another action that guarantees release and restoration, which is;

3. Gratitude:

There are many people who are operating under closed heavens, because they are specialists in complaining about the things that God hasn’t done for them, while neglecting the faithfulness of God upon their lives.

Gratitude is an act of appreciating God for all He has done, what He is doing, and what He is set to do. This definition takes away the seasonality attributed to the subject of thanksgiving, as we are required to give thanks to God always (Ephesians 5:20). It is a lifestyle, and not a dedicated ceremony, hence it must be reflective in the life of every believer.

The life of Jesus Christ on earth, was an embodiment of thanksgiving, as He was always seen appreciating the Father, in good times, and even when He was confronted with insufficiency.

Things to Note about Thanksgiving

1. Thanksgiving is a lifestyle, and not a dedicated ceremony (Psalm 150:6).

2. Thanksgiving expresses our reliance on God, to turn unfavourable situations into favourable ones. Whenever we are confronted with unfavourable situations, instead of murmuring and complaining, just give thanks to God, and you will see Him turning that situation around (Phillipians 4:6).

3. Our act of thanksgiving is pleasing to God, hence it is practically impossible to carryout any activity in the Faith, without it (Isaiah 12:1-6).

4. Thanksgiving is an act of faith, which leads to divine release and multiplication (Luke 9:16-17).

5. The best way to live a happy life, is to live a thankful life (Collosians 3:15).


1. Give thanks to God in all circumstances

2. Refuse and resist the attempt to be indoctrinated into a lifestyle of ingratitude.

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