Thank you for saving my servant, now you can go home – Pastor Femi Lazarus

About four years ago, I was praying in my room when the lord suddenly instructed me to have prayer walk towards a particular direction. I got up immediately and walked towards the road beside my house. As I was about crossing the road, I noticed the impatience of the Muslim woman beside me, she was carrying a baby that was about two weeks old from the way the child looked, and she was about crossing the road without properly watching for the coming vehicle, all I could do was to grab both her and the child and carried her aside because she was coming in full speed. No doubt about it, she would have been dead with the child, but she was rescued.

After leaving that scene, the lord whispered to me “thank you for saving my servant, now you can go home.” As I pondered on this, it occurred to me that the lord was talking about the baby on her back. Even when they were both still Muslims, God already separated the child unto himself and had already started calling him his servant. God already built a structure of defense for the boy, God had already started watching over him.

Before God formed you in the belly, He knew you. You are more important than you think. You have no idea of the amount of security protocol that is mounted around you. We serve a God who defends his own with all He has.
You may not look like it now, but you are dangerously anointed, and God will watch over what He has invested into you.

Femi Lazarus.
January 7, 2020.


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